March 16, 2019 – 3 1/2 years Old!?!

Happy March everybody!

The boys are 3 1/2 years old! Crazy right? We have officially made it 1/2 way through the Threenager stage!!!

The weather around the country has been wild. Locally we have had historic rain and record snowfall totals in the mountains. Our community is picking up after another natural disaster with major flooding in the Russian River area.


Petaluma []

The last 30 days we have been pretty busy. We had a quick last minute President’s Day getaway to Santa Cruz. The boys had a great time exploring the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and playing in the sand in Capitola. The boys also came down with their first major viral infection. Fevers, congestion, runny noses and coughing for 2+ weeks! Makani & Keoni were prescribed Amoxicillin because it was getting into their lungs and ears. On top of that we were all suffering from Cabin Fever with all of the recent storms!


Playing on the beach – Capitola


Kaleo – Santa Cruz


Makani – Santa Cruz


Keoni – Santa Cruz


Makani & Kaleo – Capitola


Me n Rachel – Capitola

We took a ride up north to the town of Willits and the boys rode the Skunk train for the first time. We had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and not a day went by without one of them asking if we were going to ride the skunk train today. I surprised them last Saturday and told them that if they could get ready and eat breakfast really fast we could go! They had a really good time.

Starting out as the California Western Railroad, it’s originally purpose was to transport families and workers to the various lumber camps along it’s route. The route ran from Fort Bragg on the Pacific Coast inland to the town of Willits.


1960’s Skunk [Ed Freitas]

The nickname “Skunk” originated in 1925, when motorcars were introduced (today sometimes referred to as railbuses or railcruisers). These single unit, self-propelled motorcars had gasoline-powered engines for power and pot-bellied stoves burning crude oil to keep the passengers warm.

The combination of the fumes created a very pungent odor, and the old timers living along the line said these motorcars were like skunks, “You could smell them before you could see them.”


Rustic bridge [CWR & Nav Co.]


On a side note, I quit working my part time job at the bar. I was sad to leave, but the boys and Rachel needed me more on the weekends than the bar did. It was fun while it lasted – but I enjoy being able to spend more time with my family on the weekends! NOTE: While I technically resigned, I still plan on working the ‘Big events’ like St. Patrick’s Day and Black Wednesday…  🙂

Mahalo ke Akua, God Bless!


Makani & me…



February 16th, 2019 – Happy Birthday/Valentines Day!!!

Hey there,

February is always a busy month for us.

First off – Happy Valentines Day to you and that special someone in your life (even if you are single – love yourself, you are SPECIAL too!) Also, Happy Birthday to my Beautiful wife Rachel 💚💕💚💕💚

At the end of January the boys participated in a dedication ceremony at our church. This is similar to a Baptism but does not involve christening the child in water. A baby dedication is a ceremony in which Christian parents dedicate their infant to God and make a promise to raise their child in a godly way. It is a commitment to the Lord to surrender their child to the will of God.

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Our little Grown ups!

We celebrated Rachel’s birthday with a quick trip to Seattle. 🎂🎂🎂. It was a nice break to get away for the weekend – just the two of us. We met up with Justin & Libby (another family with triplets) a ton of laughs and great conversation was had by all! Thank you guys for celebrating Rachel’s birthday with us!!!

A HUGE thank you to Grandma Anne, Auntie Elva, Auntie Marilyn, Cousin Krysta, brother Avery and Cece for helping to watch the boys while we were out of town. 🙏🙏🙏


The Pink Door – Seattle.


The Seattle Great Wheel

The boys were pretty happy to see us when we got home. I took Monday off to give Grandma a break and celebrate Rachel’s actual birthday together as a family. We went out to Sushi for dinner and I baked some birthday Brownies for Rachel.


Happy Birthday to you!!!

Since returning from Seattle it had been raining pretty hard, but on Sunday it was too nice to stay inside. After church we headed out of town not knowing our final destination. The idea of having lunch at Shanghai Dumpling King in the Outer Richmond District of San Francisco came to mind along with a possible stop at the SF Zoo or some random playground nearby. Okay, so now we had a plan! However after arriving we quickly realized – Shanghai Dumpling King had CLOSED!!! 😢😳😢😳😢😳 SO SAD!!! It was replaced by a restaurant named Bao Bao noodles – NOPE! It’s just not the same. We walked down the street and had lunch at a place called Little Henry’s Italian Food. It was decent, but I’m not sure if I would go back.

After lunch we headed off towards the house – it was almost 1pm and we were quickly approaching our usual 230pm nap-time. Before I could even turn on to 19th Ave. I heard a little voice coming from the back seat saying – “Dad, I thought we were going to go some place fun?” Guess who – Yes, it was Makani boy – he melts my heart! 💚💕💚💕💚 I find it difficult at times to say no to him! So off to the park we went… 🤣🤣🤣

We ended up going to the Koret Playground and Carousel in San Francisco. We saw some SFPD officers having lunch by the park carousel, so I took the boys over to say hi and get a closer look at their motorcycles. The officers were SO friendly! They gave the boys Junior SFPD sticker badges and offered to let them climb up on their bikes and operate the lights & siren (see the photo opp below). Needless to say – this was the highlight of their week!!! Don’t miss visiting this playground located in Golden Gate Park if you are in San Francisco. They really have something for everyone!

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Cool slide…

Until next time – Mahalo ke Akua!!!


Keoni riding the wave – Shaka!!!

January 16th, 2019 – Happy New Year!!!

Greetings and Happy New Year!!!


2018 was a Great year for us and we hope that 2019 is even better. We reached a lot of new milestones at our house. The boys are growing by leaps and bounds in every imaginable way. It’s hard to comprehend how quickly time is flying by. It seems like it was just yesterday when we welcomed this crazy trio into our hearts and this world.

We got the boys scooters for Christmas and they love them! We have been on a couple of walks and I wasn’t sure that they would take to them as quickly as they did.


Makai & Keoni

We are so grateful that the boys have been so healthy and pretty much normal in every way. I know that we have been lucky and blessed in this regard.

Sadly, the boys said good-bye to their little buddy Rosie this week. Grandma’s dog Rosie was called up to the big dog park in heaven. The boys have been pretty understanding and accepting that they won’t see her anymore – except in their dreams and memories. Rest in Peace sweet Rosie!



Here is our Annual Tinsel Head New Year’s picture:

The boys probably won’t look back fondly at these pictures – lol!!!

Mahalo ke Akua & God Bless!



Mele Kalikimaka – December 16, 2018

Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!


This is a fun/challenging age for the boys. 3 years – 3 months, going on seventeen!


Brothers for life!!!

The boys are full on enjoying the Christmas season (except for the cold & rainy part!)


Keoni & Makani hamming it up!


Silly Makani

They are pretty silly and very emotional. They have all had a pretty nasty cold since the middle of November.


Makani at the Doctor’s office

Here’s a blast from the past, the boy’s first Christmas:


December 2015

Mahalo ke Akua!

November 16, 2018 – Here we go again!

Late last year, California experienced terrible record setting wildfires (‘Tubbs Fire’) . The poor air quality we have been experiencing for over a week brings back the not too distant memories of the firestorm that we endured last year.


San Francisco skyline… (photo credit: Eric Risberg/AP)

This year the situation has repeated itself. The ‘Camp Fire’ in Northern California broke last year’s all-time record for structures burned, it also broke the record for the deadliest wildfire in state history. The fire, in Butte County has burned 135,000 acres and is only 35% contained. The burned area is nearly the size of Colorado Springs. The town of Paradise, a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills was home to 27,000 residents it has been reduced to just ash and rubble.


‘Camp Fire’ Paradise – Butte County. (photo credit: Getty Images)

To the south of us in Ventura County – the ‘Woolsey Fire’ has burned approximately 100,000 acres and is only 47% contained. The burned area is approximately the size of Denver.


Woolsey Fire, Malibu – Ventura County (photo credit: Grant and Cassie Denham)


‘Woolsey Fire’, Malibu – Ventura County (photo credit: Eric Thayer/Reuters)

 On the home front – the boys are your average, happy, inquisitive, hungry, moody, CRAZY 3 year olds!!! They are actually pretty well behaved (for me anyway 🙂 ). They love to get outside and run their little legs. Unfortunately N95 particle masks have returned as a result of the awful air quality and lingering smoke. We have had to find other venues to help them expel some of their pent up energy.

The boys started gymnastics 2 weeks ago.


First gymnastics class…



Yesterday we went to a huge indoor place called ‘Epicenter‘. It offered a nice respite from the smoky air! The boys had a great time playing with the other kids and climbing in the play structure.


We started attending New Life Church on Sundays 🙂 . The boys love going to ‘Sunday school’ – so much so, they usually don’t want to leave. The church is non-denominational and I think it has the right blend of spirituality and community values! I have enjoyed the experience thus far.


First day of Sunday School


All dressed and ready to go!

For Halloween the boys dressed up as characters from the TV show PJ Masks!

Some random pictures from the last month’s adventures.

Mahalo ke Akua – God bless all of the families that have been affected by the fires….

Rachel – I LOVE YOU!!!

October 16th, 2018 – Threenagers!!!



Last month we traveled to Oahu and celebrated the boy’s 3rd birthday. We had a couple of surprises in store for them. First off their older brother Avery was able to get time off from work and he spent 7 days there with us. We also tricked the boys into thinking we had to go to the airport to pick up a package – the package ended up being Grandma Anne! 🙂

The first two days of vacation were spent watching the news and the sky. There was a Tropical storm threat and it was quickly approaching us – with Flash flood warnings, high wind advisories and impassable roadways. There were some decent rainfall totals, but no torrential flooding like they had predicted.

We celebrated the boy’s 3rd birthday at Seal Life Park Oahu – with Uncle Alvin, Auntie Kehau, Cousin Nani, Cousin Loveal, Cousin Kamea, Brother Avery and Grandma Anne.


Happy birthday to us!!!








Birthday boys – Keoni, Makani & Kaleo

A special thanks to Auntie Lori & her son Nick for scoring us sideline passes to the University of Hawaii vs. Duquesne football game. It was the first football game for the boys and they had an amazing time!

We spent a fair amount of time – sightseeing, going to the beach and eating!


All Pau!!!

All in all, the boys are GREAT travelers. There were no sicknesses on this trip – so that was good! We also left the strollers at home this time – that made packing and getting through the airport a lot easier. There were quite a few scrapes and bruises from being clumsy, but I think the boys enjoyed the freedom of walking around on their own!


Our AirBnB neighbors – loved the boys! A gift from them…


North Shore, Oahu

Aloha Kakou Hawai’i – until next time!!!



Mahalo ke Akua


Dole Pineapple Plantation

September 16, 2018 – A Note to My Sons IV, Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

To my sons – Kaleo Samuel, Makani James & Keoni Schooler:

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!


I can not believe that another year has come and gone. We have been on so many EPIC adventures in the past 365 days! Kaleo, Makani and Keoni I hope that you will be able to look back fondly and remember all of the fun times that we spent together as a family. I know that I enjoyed being a part of all of these memories with you! 🙂

Kaleo Samuel

My first born – you will always be the oldest and most opinionated of our boys. You are a bit of a fashionista, yet still manage to be 100% monkey! You are so brave and intuitive. You can be so sweet and loving one minute and well, the polar opposite the next! These traits will work in your favor when you are older and have the ability to harness their power. You continue to create new dance moves on a daily basis and now you are mixing in a couple of yoga positions too! I love that you can still nap in your car seat, whether it is a short trip around the block or a 2 hour drive. I can’t wait to see what your future brings – you continue to be a beacon of light to those around you and your light shines bright for all to see!


Makani James

My little Makani Boy! You are not little anymore, but you are so sweet! Especially to daddy. I love that you will share whatever you have with me, whether it’s ice cream or candy – it doesn’t matter to you! You are and will always be Daddy’s boy!!! I look forward to all of the different games that we play and our early morning chats. You are so cautious and very observant of the world around you. You lead by example and rarely get into trouble. I am sure this will be beneficial to you later in life. I see you striving to make the world a better place each and every day. I love this picture of you – ‘DREAM BIG – Makani Boy’!!!


Keoni Schooler

Big Boy! Our little, Big Man. You are such a sweetheart, but you still have a little bit of a mean streak! I don’t think you realize how strong you are. You love your family and it shows. You are a mama’s boy and that’s ok! Mommy loves you too! I love how you run with careless abandon on our morning walks. My heart over flows with joy when I hear you laughing and having fun. I think your strength and physical presence will come in handy when you are older and know how to control it. I see you as our ‘protector’ and the next in line should anything happen to me. I love my little Big Boy!!!


I hope that someday each of you will be able to read this blog and remember some of the happy memories we had when you were growing up. I love you boys with all of my heart and I will continue to provide the best possible foundation for you to grow your future upon.

I am beyond blessed and honored to be your Dad.

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

-With all of my love,



Mahalo ke Akua/God Bless!