August 16, 2016 – 11 Months + our first getaway to Monterey…

Wow – what else I can say???

Seriously, these last 11 months have gone by so quickly – if it wasn’t for this blog, it would be hard to piece together what happened and when. Rachel and I constantly refer to this site to relive the memories of what is now just a blur!

Kaleo, Makani & Keoni are thriving in every way possible. They are so big and so strong and remarkably healthy! We count our blessings each and every day – it is hard to imagine the heartbreak, loss and pain that some of our fellow parents of multiples have endured. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of our friends near and far…

This past weekend we met up with another triplet family over in Monterey. It was our first overnight away from home with the boys. They did pretty well, Mom & Pops didn’t get to sleep very well though! We did so much, in such a short amount of time. On our way home, we stopped in Carmel, Capitola, Santa Cruz and Pacifica. The boys are already enjoying the Beach Life, California Style!!!


2 Sets of Triplets!!!

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Rachel & Me in Carmel

We are currently in the process of planning a 1 year birthday party for the boys.

First Baby Luau

First birthdays in Hawaii are considered a major milestone. It is a way to kick off a long and healthy life as well as another reason to enjoy good food and great company. Some families host parties in their backyards while others have it at the beach or at kid-friendly places, like Chuck E. Cheese. No matter where the location, the mark of a child’s first year never goes unnoticed.

This type of celebration has been happening for centuries in many cultures around the world. Most children didn’t live to the age of one due to a lack of the medical advancements that we’re fortunate to have today. In ancient Hawaii, children who beat the odds were honored with a huge feast, better known as a paina or ahaaina. The newer term (first baby luau) came about in the 1850s, referring to the luau leaves in laulau served at the gathering. These gatherings often consist of extended family, friends, neighbors and can reach up to hundreds of attendees.

Although these celebrations are called a luau, they could have an overarching theme. For example, the baby luau could be adorned with sports, superhero, cartoon, etc. decorations and games. Guests usually come with a birthday card and monetary gift for the money box.

A modern baby luau includes cake, while an ancient Hawaiian one might have had haupia for dessert. Traditional feasts included pig, chicken, seafood, coconuts, sweet potatoes and taro (poi). Hawaiians rolled out the lauhala mats and ate on the floor using nothing but their fingers to enjoy the delicious foods. Fresh flowers, ferns and ti leaves decorated the occasion while hula and Hawaiian music decorated the tropical air.

Mahalo ke Akua, God Bless!!!


(L to R) Kaleo, Makani, Keoni…


July 27, 2016 – A new look…

Hi everybody,

Today I decided to change things around a little bit. While I liked the old layout of this blog, it felt like it was taking forever to load because of all the ‘featured images’. Hopefully, this new theme will make the blog a little easier to navigate. Let me know your thoughts – Good or Bad?

Have a blessed day!


Kaleo eating pizza on his first Costco trip!

Mahalo E Ke Akua No Keia La




July 16, 2016 – 10 Months…

We celebrated 10 months together with our Big, Wonderful boys this past Saturday.

All 3 boys have actively been practicing the various stages of crawling:

  • Kaleo has been doing the Army/Infantry crawl (all arms & butt!)
  • Makani does a variation of the standard baby crawl, he can also stop on a dime and sit up!
  • Keoni is our most versatile crawler. He is getting FAST! He can sit up, pull himself to a standing position and return to a seated position. Walking is not too far off for the Big Guy!

Happy 10 Month Birthday Boys!!!

Thank you for following us & God Bless!

Mahalo ke Akua!!!


6/14/2016 – Out with OLD, In with the NEW!!!

Hey everybody,

We will be celebrating the boy’s 9 month birthday on Thursday June 16th, 2016. There are lots of ‘New Happenings’ around our place and this brings great joy to our lives. Keoni has been army crawling, Kaleo can roll across the entire living room & Makani is showing signs of wanting to walk (skipping the crawling stage completely!) Rachel & I are also feeling a little sentimental, kind of like this is an ‘End of an Era’.😥

The phrase ‘Out with the OLD, In with the NEW’ – pretty much sums up what has been happening around our house. Apparently this process started WAY before the boys were born or even conceived!

Here is a quick summary:


Before we started dating – Rachel lived in a 1 bedroom duplex downtown and I was renting a bedroom in a house that was close to work. December of 2014 we both decided that her place wasn’t big enough, so we started looking for new accommodations. I found a great deal on a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath condo on the other side of town. We signed the lease agreement at the end of January and moved in 1 week before the boys were conceived. (the boys were conceived during Rachel’s birthday getaway vacation to Playa del Carmen)

God was definitely working in our lives!!!


Rachel owned a 2004 VW Jetta 4 door & I had a 1998 BMW 328iS 2 door. In June of 2015 we traded the Jetta in on a 2007 Honda Odyssey. (Probably one of the best investments we have made to date!) Neither of us ever thought we would own a minivan, but it has been a lifesaver. I could not imagine trying to haul the boys and all of their stuff around without it.

In March of 2016 I sold my beloved BMW and bought a 2006 Infinity M45 4 door. It was hard giving up the BMW for a ‘grown up’ car (especially one with all of those doors) but the 350HP Infiniti V8 engine made me happy!!!🙂


We were gifted so many cute outfits that the boys no longer fit in. Rachel has passed most of them on to other Families with multiples from her Facebook group & SCMoMs. It is cute to see other babies sporting those same outfits!

Fisther Price My Little Snug-a-Puppy Deluxe Bouncers (x2)

The boys loved their My Little Snug-a-Puppy Deluxe Bouncers, but they were getting too big for them. We put them up for free on the neighborhood website Nextdoor.com and a couple that is expecting Twins (their first kiddos) contacted us about them! We are so happy that our bouncers will be going to another Multiple family that needs them and will put them to good use. The cool thing is that they live about 1/2 a mile from us, in the same complex as we do. I am sure we will see them at our community pool more and more as they approach their delivery date.


Fisher Price Rock-n-Plays (x3)

The boys are too big for their Rock-n-Plays and we haven’t used them in over a month. We offered them to the expectant twin couple that we just met, but we aren’t sure that they want/need them yet. These were a life saver when we first brought the boys home from the NICU. Especially since we live in a 2 story house with all of the bedrooms located on the 2nd story. The boys slept exclusively in these for the first 3 months that they were at home. Because of the incline position they also helped to relieve colic & reflux.


Fisher Price Jumperoos (x2)

We are right on the cusp of retiring the jumperoos. They have a 25 lb maximum capacity & Keoni is tipping the scales at 23 lbs. These helped to build the boy’s core strength. We also used them to contain/entertain Keoni after he learned how to army crawl. Behind Makani, you can see the multi-colored gates that we use, now that Keoni is too big for the jumperoos!

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Fisher Price My Little Snug a Puppy Swing & Cradle

Makani was the only one that really got to use the Swing & Cradle. Mostly because his brothers were too chunky to fit in it!🙂 He enjoyed napping in it while his brothers napped in the Pack n Play/Co-Sleeper. We passed it on to another Multiple family through SCMoMs.


Graco Swing By Me

Keoni got to use this swing almost exclusively. It really calmed & soothed him when he was fussy. The other 2 boys rarely got to take it for a spin. This was also passed on to another SCMOM.



Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 infant car seats

The boys haven’t technically outgrown the Graco infant car seats, but they are getting close. I switched them out – 2 weeks ago with New Diono RXT Radian convertible seats. The boys love the new Dionos (rear facing until 2 years old), they have plenty of room to grow and they also have more of an upright seating position (better to take in the views when we go on roadtrips!) I installed 1 of the Gracos in my car until the boys outgrow them completely.

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We used Baby Trend Universal Double & Single Snap-N-Go Stroller Frames with the Graco infant car seats for the first 7 months. They were really convenient as the car seat fits perfectly in the stroller frame. They also don’t draw as much attention as the triple strollers when we are out on the town. When the boys were just 3 1/2 months old, I found a great deal on a Berg Runabout 3 seat stroller on Craigslist. The only thing missing was the sunshade for each side. I had my sail maker friend John, Owner of Amen Sails whip some up in his workshop and now the boys are styling and protected from Prying, Germy Strangers – as well as UV rays.

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That’s about it for this update!

Take care & God Bless / Ke Akua Ho’o Mai Kai


6/8/2016 – 9 Month checkup

Yesterday we took the boys to Kaiser for their 9 month checkup. They are not officially 9 months until next week, but this was the only appointment available. Our pediatrician said that they looked really good and appear to be right where they are supposed to be, Good Job – Mama & Papa!🙂

Here are their official stats as of this visit:


  • Weight: 21 lbs. 6 oz.
  • Height: 26.5 inches


  • Weight:20 lbs. 14 oz.
  • Height: 28 inches


  • Weight:22 lbs. 15 oz.
  • Height: 28 inches

Surprisingly (or maybe we weren’t that surprised) Kaleo passed up Makani on the scale! We always referred to Kaleo as our little guy, I guess that only applies to his height now. I kind of thought Makani would be taller than Keoni, but that didn’t happen as they both are 28 inches in height. To the delight of the boys, there were no vaccinations this visit!🙂

We are starting to get out of the house a little more often now. The boys were feeling a little cramped in their Graco Snugride 35 infant car seats,  so last weekend, I installed their new Diono Radian RXT car seats in the middle row of our Odyssey. I think they like the added room and more upright seating position!


Keoni, Kaleo & Makani…

We took the boys to the pool 2 weeks ago and they loved it! We have also started to give the boys more solid foods. They pretty much love everything – except Kaleo, he has issues with various textures (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from this tree!)

The boy’s first trip to the pool!!!


Kaleo, Rachel, Me, Makani & Keoni…


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Mahalo ke Akua – God Bless!


5/27/2016 – On the move!

Hey everybody!

The babies suffered through their first bug over the weekend. Fever, a little cough & a lot of crankiness. Fortunately they were a lot better on Monday.

On Wednesday, May 25th Keoni did this for the first time: (Oh oh!!! :-O this is going to be a game changer!)

For some reason the boys LOVE bubbly water. I guess because they see me drinking it all of the time. Anyway, Keoni has been showing signs of wanting to crawl. He’s been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, but could only manage to spin himself around in circles. On Tuesday, I put a bottle of mineral water on the floor just to see if Keoni would want it enough to crawl 5 feet to get it. Sure enough, it worked!😀 Now he is unstoppable, he crawls all over the living room floor. I think his brothers are a little jealous of his new found ability and it just may be the spark they need to try to learn how to crawl!

Hope everything is well with you and yours…

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Take care & God Bless / Ke Akua Ho’o Mai Kai


5/16/2016 – 8 Months (already?)

Hey everybody!

We just celebrated our BIG boys’ 8 month birthday!!! It is crazy how fast time is flying by…


It has been a while since I posted an update of what a normal day looks like for us. At 8 months things are dramatically different than what we were doing just a few months ago.

We are down to 4 feedings a day and we give them solid food right before bed. Thursday night is bath night and Sunday has become ‘Family Day’. The boys really love bath night, I have a feeling they will be at the pool all day long when it opens on Memorial Day weekend. They just love the water! On Sundays I have been trying to get everybody loaded up and out of the house to seek out some adventure. It is the only day that we can all get together and spend as a family. It really is a lot of WORK to accomplish this feat, but I have to give Rachel all of the credit here. She is a trooper and manages to get all of the things that we need for a successful outing packed and ready to go. (we won’t mention the time that she forgot to pack nipples when we went to the mall – lol) She also gives the boys their morning bottles and gets them dressed and ready for the road!

My alarm clock is set for 5 am. The boys will normally wake up between 6/630 am. I feed and change the boys (hopefully before) Rachel comes down to relieve me at 715 am. Then I head to the office to start work at 8. They will usually nap for an hour before they eat again around 1030. Then they play until the next nap-time around noon. The noon nap is usually the longest nap of the day. Lasting anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. They eat again around 230 pm and will nap once more before their final bottle. We do not let the boys sleep past 5 pm. No ifs, ands or buts!!! If they are still sleeping, we wake them up!😦 They get their last bottle of the day around 530 pm and we also feed them a jar of solid baby food (each) before getting them ready for bed. We only give them vegetables and rice cereal for now, no fruit yet. Bedtime is around 730 pm and the big question that we always get asked is ‘Do they sleep through the night?’ Well, not quite! Keoni is pretty good about sleeping through the night. Makani is the lightest sleeper and usually wakes once or twice during the night. Kaleo sleeps pretty well, but he hears me get up in the morning and wants to be up with Dad too! All in all, not a bad a schedule!

As far as development goes – nobody is talking (*yet), crawling or walking (*yet). They are all able to sit up unassisted. We hear them say things that sound like Mom/Dad, but they are usually directed at inanimate objects!🙂 Keoni seems like he will be the first to crawl, he can get up on all fours and rock back/forth. Makani doesn’t have a lot of interest in being on his stomach. (he just recently discovered he likes to sleep on his stomach/side), but he does like to stand up and can usually go for 20 minute stretches with some assistance. He looks like he will be the first to walk, and he will probably skip crawling completely. Kaleo has no interest in standing or sitting. I guess I wasn’t far off when I nicknamed him PEMU way back when. (PEMU stands for Pick Me Up!!!) He can roll from back to stomach & stomach to back, but he has no desire to get up on all fours and if we try and get him to stand he lowers his butt to the ground – LOL…

Yes, they are all different and very unique!!! Nothing identical about these boys.😀


The boys watching the NBA Western Conference Finals – Go Dubs!!!

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Ke Akua Ho’omaika’i – God Bless…