October 16th, 2020 – More Fires, here we go again…

Greetings everybody.

September & October have brought us another Wildland fire once again. This one totals over 1 million acres. I pray for all of those that are directly affected by the latest tragedy. I have been trying to avoid the phrase “The New Normal”. I hope and pray that this is not the new normal that my boys will be forced to navigate throughout their lives!

A beautiful day by the bay…

Once again wildfire smoke has engulfed our state making it difficult to breathe and get outdoors. The boys have adjusted to wearing masks and do so willingly without issue.

Masked up with their Taekwondo teacher Miss Baum

As many of you know, my brother passed away unexpectedly in July. We had an impromptu memorial in Reno with our ‘local family’ in his honor. I’m still looking forward to the day that we can all get together and grieve our losses together.

I hope you and yours are navigating through the pandemic, wildfires and upcoming presidential election with minimal issues. I hope that you have registered to vote! Please vote because your life and your kid’s lives depend on it!

Until next time. Mahalo ke Akua…

September 16th, 2020 – A Note to my Sons VI

Happy 5th Birthday to my sons!

Happy 5th Birthday boys. You little dudes have been through so much this year. 2020 has been a year to remember! How could we ever forget: the Corona Virus Pandemic, Record breaking wildfires across California, Oregon and Washington, plus you started Transitional Kindergarten virtually through Zoom. We have been under shelter in place orders since early March. After all of those obstacles had been put in your path, you just kept rolling with it. I know it hasn’t been easy – but the three of you have handled it better than anyone could have expected.

The Golden Gate Bridge, enveloped in SMOKE!

Kaleo Samuel

My little man. You are so opinionated and very independent! You are also very artistic and you have adjusted the best to virtual TK. You are a little bit of a ham and I think your ‘Too Much Sauce” t shirt fits your personalitly perfectly! Happy 5th Birthday – Baby Kaleo!

Makani James

My little Daddy’s boy! You are such a sweet, sweet boy. I look forward to our daily talks each and every morning. You have such an “Old Soul”, it’s like you’ve done this before. You are wise beyond your years! It means so much to me that the Aloha spirit is alive and well within you! Happy Birthday – Makani Boy!!!

Keoni, my little/Big Man! You are so athletic. Your physical prowess amazes me. I have a hard time believing we took your training wheels off after 10 minutes! Haha, you haven’t looked back either. You are such a ‘Momma’s Boy”! You Love your Mommy so much! You are so very sweet and you have a super infectious laugh. Thank you for always helping me unload the Costco Groceries and helping me cook in the kitchen! Happy Birthday Big Boy, Keoni!

I love my family so much.

I was never this COOL!

2020 has opened my eyes ALL that really matters in life! Health, Happiness, Family & Friends!

God Bless all of you and your families as we embark on this next journey around the sun.

Thank you for following along!

Mahalo ke Akua!

Time for Cake!
Uncle Rob taking the boys for a ride!

August 16th, 2020 – Virtual TK starts next week!

Hey everybody,

Hopefully everyone is safe and healthy. This pandemic, plus the Shelter in Place rules are pretty crazy. I never thought I would experience this type of worldwide calamity in my lifetime. So far we have been able to maintain some semblance of sanity throughout the lockdown. The boys continue to grow on a daily basis. We try to do as much outdoor activity as possible without putting ourselves or our family at risk.


The boys start Transitional Kindergarten August 18th. I stayed up almost all night last Tuesday, because my brain was spinning out of control about how we could do virtual classes at home with 3 – 5 year olds! Besides the dining room table there was no ‘real’ place for them to study without distractions getting the best of them. We have an arts & craft table from Pottery Barn that we were using for toy storage and art projects. We decided that it would be best if we cleaned up that area for them to use. I put down yellow & black tape on table top to designate their work spaces. I think (hope) it will work out, if not – it’s the best we can do for right now! I valiantly searched high and low for kids desks, but I had NO luck whatsoever! Apparently the entire planet is sheltering in place and attending school remotely.

We have done a lot to try to keep the boys occupied and entertained these last 4 months. Physical release is paramount to their growth and demeanor. We spent a lot of time walking and playing in parks around our neighborhood. I have to admit, I am running out of ideas to keep them busy.


First trip to the skate park!


Big boy!

We went to the coast a couple of times and got to spend a little time at the pool too!


Keoni skipping rocks

We did a movie night and camped in our backyard last weekend! We had hoped that we could see some meteors from the Perseid meteor shower, but the moon was too bright. The boys did get to check out the moon through the telescope and got a kick out of that!Backyard20200807_184643 Backyard camping!Backyard20200808_054724 Group hugs in the morning!

Our Taekwondo Studio started in person training last month, so the boys have been able to enjoy some social interaction with their classmates. Albeit at 6 feet of separation with a mask on!ATA20200729_174222Kaleo – knife-hand, hayahhhhh!

This week’s flashback is to the boys first stay away from home at a hotel – Monterey Bay!Please pray for those that are suffering, inside and outside of your circle. Most people will put on a good face and tell you everything is ok. I pray and hope that you and your Ohana are safe and healthy.Next month – the boys are turning 5!!!5Malama each other – Mahalo ke Akua!Akua

July 16th, 2020 – In memory of…

Greetings everybody!

On July 2nd, our family was devastated to learn of the passing of my older brother. He was only 63!

The boys loved their Uncle and I know that they will miss his presence in their life. Their birthdays are just 2 days apart. When we took the boys to Hawaii to celebrate their 3rd & 4th birthdays, he was there too. We got together to swim, eat plate lunches, go to UH Football games and enjoy Matsumoto’s shave ice. My brother and niece loved taking the boys out on their paddle boards. We liked to meet up at the Anahalu River on the North Shore of Oahu. (I am sure that this was his ‘Happy Place!’) Out on the water they enjoyed searching for turtles and the scenic beauty that is Hawaii.

He was an amazing brother, father, grandfather, husband and friend! He loved his Ohana – from his wife, to both of his daughters, all of his grand-kids, nieces & nephews! He was the perfect example of living the Aloha spirit.




Growing up in Hawaii, my brother loved the water. He was an avid surfer. He started paddle boarding when he got older. On his days off you could always find him out on some river or lake paddle boarding. He was lucky enough to enjoy one last paddle with his friend before passing.


You were my older brother, my best friend, my gambling buddy and my road trip partner. I have so many memories growing up with you. You taught me how to drive a car, ride a skateboard and ride a motorcycle. You lived to travel and visit far away places.

You were like my ‘Hawaii Dad’ -I will miss your kind, funny, adventurous spirit. I looked up to you and I always wanted to be just like you! There is a big hole in my heart – Rest in Aloha brother, until we meet again. ❤️❤️❤️

The picture below was taken in June of 2020. We didn’t know it at the time, but it would be our last dinner together as a family. I feel grateful to have shared these moments with you…


Tomorrow is not promised. Show your family and friends how much you love them. Tell them you Love them. Hug them a little bit tighter. Don’t take the time that you have together for granted. Live for each moment and make as many memories as you possibly can.

Malama Pono – Live Aloha…

Mahalo ke Akua…


June 16, 2020 – 4 years 9 months

Hey everyone!

There has been so much happening in the world – I almost forgot this month’s blog post! (Thank you for the reminder Rachel)…


I am having a hard time putting into words how I feel about the most recent events that have happened around the country. I truly believe that 99% of the people in this world are GOOD people – I refuse to let the other 1% alter my thoughts…

We have been sheltering in place since March 15th, a little over 3 months. Here are some pictures from the last 30 days…


Hang Loose!





Movie night!


Movie night in the garage!


That’s a BIG chair!


Dinner with family


Rub a dub, dub…


Makani James

The boys have been really working hard to earn their stripes so that they can test for the next belt in Taekwondo. They all got it on Monday and are Ready to Test!



Mahalo ke Akua – God Bless!

Until next month – Peace be with you…

May 16th, 2020 – Shelter in Place (SIP)

Greetings everybody!

We have been sheltering place for 2 months. For the boys this means No – preschool, parks, visiting with friends/family, Sunday school, Taekwondo classes, eating out at restaurants and more! The boys have been through so much in their short lives. We experienced a Nuclear Missile threat on our first trip to Oahu with them, 2 of the largest wildfires in our state’s history and now the Covid 19 Pandemic. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t worried about what the future holds for them.


Our new normal during the shelter in place restrictions consists of working from home, trying to find activities and new ways to release the pent up energy that almost every 4 1/2 year old exudes.


We have spent a lot of time on family walks, virtual Taekwondo classes and even building a home made slide on our stairs.


Family walk


Brotherly Love


Stair slide

The boys have been taking Taekwondo classes remotely using the Zoom App. Last week they tested for their Orange belts and passed!


To be a Black Belt Leader!!!

They have been learning so much – I can’t say enough good things about Martial Arts, the development of self confidence and respect that they gain is amazing! Last week was Spirit Week. Check out some of their costumes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We miss our friends and family, but we know that it is in everybody’s best interests to stay at home – to ensure that we have a safe future – TOGETHER!


Silly boys – Wacky Wednesday/Spirit Week


Their booties still fit in their Tonka trucks


Star Wars Day – Spirit Week!

Until next time, Mahalo ke Akua – God Bless!

April 16th, 2020 – Covid 19

Aloha everybody,

How is your family surviving the quarantine? As you may expect, life with 3 – 4 1/2 year old boys can be a little rough (especially 24×7)!!! I have been working from home, so I have setup a work area in the garage to try to get a little separation from the boys. I asked a friend if he had any carpet scraps and he was able to come through with a perfect piece for us! We have been using the garage as an extension of their play area & Taekwondo classes have been moved online.


Playing while I work




Magnatiles (Kaleo & Keoni)


Dance Party (Kaleo & Makani)

We have had some decent weather so we’ve gone on a couple of walks/scooter rides around the neighborhood. It’s hard because all of the parks and playgrounds are closed. Fortunately – exercise is considered an essential activity!

The other day I made an obstacle course on the sidewalk for the boys & the neighborhood kids to enjoy. It’s been a welcome relief to the stay at home blues! 🙂

Oh yeah – Happy Easter! We spent Easter Sunday unlike any other that I have experienced. We went to church via Live Stream. The boys hunted for Easter eggs inside of the house and out in the garage because it was raining outside. We also did a drive by and visited Grandma & Grandpa from a distance


Eskimo kisses – Honi honi!!!

As you can see in the picture below – the boys needed a haircut!


Luckily – I am the only stylist they have ever been to! They clean up well!


Kaleo, Makani & Keoni sporting their new haircuts!

As challenging as it is has been, we have been extremely fortunate to not have been directly impacted by the Corona virus pandemic. Our prayers go out to all of those who have been affected and their families.

Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them, hug your kids a little tighter, be kind to your neighbors and community – we can & will get through this together!


Brotherly Love…

Mahalo ke Akua / God Bless!!!


March 16th, 2020 – 4 1/2 years old…

How could 4 1/2 years have possibly passed since our trio was born. This idea completely blows my mind. They are all uniquely different in their own ways.

They are excelling at Taekwondo, with each of them earning all 3 stripes necessary to test for the next level. In my opionion – the life skills that are learned through martial arts are the foundation to a successful future. The boys have gained strength, focus, a positive self-image, the ability to defend themselves, a hard work ethic, as well as core values. Respect and leadership are fundamental concepts that are reinforced by their instructors on a daily basis. I love it when they respond ‘Yes sir‘ or ‘Yes mam‘ when they are spoken to (even at home)!


Mr. Bell with the boys & Bubbagum before class.

It’s hard for me to imagine my life without them. I feel extremely blessed to be their dad.


The boys…

Makani was ‘Star of the Week‘ at preschool – he got to bring home Bubbagum and take him with on us on our various adventures.


The boys LOVE Taekwando!!!


‘To be a good person’




Keoni ‘Front Kick’

Please be safe everybody and if you don’t already – WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY!!!


February 16th, 2020. Pre-School = the Petri dish of bacteria & sickness!

Greetings Everybody & Happy Valentines Day!


We have been in a constant state of sickness at our house! It all started about the same time that the boys began attending preschool.

Petri dish (alternatively known as a Petri plate or cell-culture dish) is a shallow transparent lidded dish that biologists use to culture cells, such as bacteria, fungi or small mosses. It is the most common type of culture plate. The container is named after the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri.

Preschool (alternatively known as Daycare) is a common location that parent’s use to drop off their little critters during the work week so that they can maintain some sort of sanity or peace of mind. Preschool is a safe haven and the perfect environment for cultivating new forms of influenza and sharing other antibiotic resistant viral strains to take home and infect other innocent unsuspecting family members


In all honesty, our household has had some form of illness dating back to late August. At least 3 out of every 5 weeks was spent caring for one or more fussy butts! I have managed to stay fairly strong through it all, but this most recent sickness has me questioning the value of them attending preschool altogether.

Here is a montage of the boys in various stages of sickness taken over the last 6 months.






Big Boy throwing the SHAKA!


Poor Makani…

One cool thing about pre-school is Keoni was voted star of the week and got to bring home Bubba Gum and take him on Real World Adventures:


That’s it for February!

Last second update: I’ve experienced symptoms that suggest I have been infected with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. I’m on day 5, the mouth and throat pain have completely subsided. Only to be replaced by blisters on my hands and soles of my feet! mic drop…


Mahalo ke Akua/God Bless!

January 16th, 2020 – Happy New Year!

Greetings & Happy New Year!


As we embark on the dawn of a new decade – it’s hard to look back on how I felt in January of 2010. I am 1,000% sure that I didn’t envision that in 10 years I would be the father of triplet boys or even celebrate 9 years of sobriety. I have so much joy and gratefulness in my heart for all of the events that shaped my world into what it has become today. If you struggle with addiction (alcohol or drugs) and need someone to talk to – please reach out, others won’t know you are struggling unless you tell them!

Ok, off to this month’s post. Christmas & New Years have brought about many new realizations in our home. First off – the boys are so smart and are learning so many new things. Numbers – Reading & Writing, Letters – Reading & Writing, they can even count better in Spanish than they can in English. Go figure!


We had a fun time over the holidays, we visited a couple of Christmas tree farms & the boys loved viewing all of the houses that were decorated!

The week before Christmas I went on a Business trip to Boise, Idaho – Brrrrrr…


The Bay & Golden Gate Bridge…


Somewhere over Nevada


Downtown Boise, Idaho

For New Years we had a quiet evening at home and then we visited the San Francisco Zoo for our first outing of 2020.


Until next month – Mahalo ke Akua – God Bless!

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