March 25, 2015 – We’re having a baby (babies!) Wait what?

March 25th, 2015: Our first appointment at Kaiser with Melanie NP

So we go in for our scheduled appointment and Melanie the Nurse Practitioner asks us about our family history, etc. She gets Rachel ready for the sonogram and just like we had expected we’re having a baby!


Melanie measures the fetus and it is approximately 9 weeks 4 days. While measuring – Melanie shrieks “Oh My God!”

ME: What? What’s wrong? Is there a problem?

Melanie calmly says: No, not really. She then asks us if we were using any fertility drugs or if twins or multiple births were common in either of our families.

Rachel’s father has a cousin that had natural triplets. Nothing on my side of the family.

Melanie: “Well, you are having twins!” I was shocked, but extremely happy.

She starts to measure the next fetus and it’s about the same size 9 weeks, 3 days. Again she shrieks “OMG!”

I had already asked her not to do that!

ME: What’s wrong, is there a problem?

Melanie: Do you guys see what I see?

ME: Yeah you mean that third one right there? I thought you were talking about that one to begin with!

Melanie: “You’re having TRIPLETS!!!” Then she looks at me and asks “Are you all right, do you need to sit down?”

ME: No, no, I’m fine, it is what it is, right??? 🙂 BREATHE, breathe!!!

OMG – talk about your mind racing, how did this happen? (I know how it happened, SILLY!) At this point Rachel has this shit eating grin on her face! I am pretty sure she was in shock, but extremely happy. I am too!!!

Next up: March 30, 2015: Meeting with the specialist in San Francisco


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