April 14/15, 2015 – First visit with Dr Spivak & follow up with RNP

March 14th: We met with Dr. Helene Spivak MD for the first time. She had delivered 2 sets of triplets prior to our little miracle, so we feel like we are in good hands. Basically this was just a meet and greet. She did a quick ultrasound and the babies all seemed happy/active.


March 15th: We visited Melanie our Registered Nurse Practitioner. This was our second visit with Melanie. She is really sweet and very excited to be a part of our miracle.

We invited Rachel’s mom – Anne to come with us, today is her 71st birthday – Happy Tax Day!!! 🙂

Melanie did a wide range of tests:

  1. Blood Pressure – check
  2. Weight – Up 2 lbs from yesterday, check!
  3. Pap smear – Whoops, never been here for one of those! check
  4. Pelvic exam – check
  5. Breast exam – check (I could have told her those were fine, but I let her check them anyway!)
  6. Sonogram – check
    1. Baby A: 5.77cm/12weeks 2 days
    2. Baby B: 5.82cm/12 weeks 2 days
    3. Baby C: 5.63cm/12 weeks 2 days (So far so good!)

We got to listen to the babies heartbeats for the first time today, that was so cool!!!

Up next: April 16, 2015 – Off to Vallejo for an NT Scan


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