March 30, 2015: Meeting with the specialist in San Francisco

We had a follow up appointment on March 26th, just to confirm we were having triplets. They did a HI-RES sonogram and sure enough we could see all three of their little hearts beating.

Kasier SF

Since this was a multiple pregnancy – Kaiser wanted us to see their specialist in San Francisco Dr. Danny Wu. They also wanted to talk to us about Prenatal Screening and god forbid – Reduction. 😦

Neither Rachel or myself believe in reduction so that was a good starting point. Only god can decide whether to give or take a life. (That was the way I was brought up anyway!)

Our first meeting was with Iris Corbin, MS, LGCC. She is a genetic counselor, we went over the different genetic screening options that were available to us. Basically there were two options – invasive vs. non-invasive. We decided that it would be best to go the non-invasive route and not risk harming the babies.

Next we got to meet with Dr. Danny Wai Fu Wu, MD. He was very informative! Once he understood that reduction was not an option for us, he didn’t press the issue. He provided us with all of the facts and figures about the risks involved in multiple pregnancy. He gave us a lot of hope and was able to answer all of the questions that we had. Most importantly, he told us that if Rachel could make it to 35 weeks we would be able to go to our local hospital instead of Kaiser in San Francisco to deliver the babies. (San Francisco has a level 4 tertiary care unit NICU) He also told us that most of our visits could be done locally to us. He said that he would like to see us at least 2 more times, once in the 2nd trimester and once in the 3rd.

Next up – Information Overload! Internet, Local Groups, Good Reads…


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