April 20, 2015 – End of the first trimester…

We are nearing the end of the first trimester and hopefully Rachel’s morning sickness will begin to subside. She has good and bad days. Everything that we read and hear – recommends a total weight gain of 58 to 75 pounds during the course of her pregnancy. In the first trimester the primary challenge to weight gain has been the nausea. It has been difficult for her to eat, but I have to admit that she has been a trooper and is doing what it takes to eat healthy/nutritious foods on a regular basis (every 2 hours). Rachel has been taking prenatal vitamins, flax seed, chia seeds, fish oil and she is on a high protein diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Smoothies made with peanut butter, spinach, milk, bananas and Greek yogurt have been a nutritious option when she hasn’t been able to stomach solid foods. We bought a Ninja blender early on and it is amazing! (I highly recommend buying one of these, especially if you have a regular old fashioned blender!) It comes with 3 individual serving containers that make it extremely easy to prepare a quick, portable and nutritious supplement. For breakfast she has either a smoothie or scrambled eggs, fruit and meat. She eats fruit, almonds, walnuts, protein bars and cottage cheese throughout the day. While dinner usually consists of chicken, steak or pork with various vegetables – green beans, spinach, broccoli, peppers, asparagus, kale and more fruit. As you can tell by the pictures, her weight gain has been steady and constant! I am extremely pleased with her dedication and progress! 🙂

I think she is BEAUTIFUL and I love her so much!!!

I am truly blessed…

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3 thoughts on “April 20, 2015 – End of the first trimester…

  1. Amy says:

    congratulations. I am the mother of an 8 years old and 6 year old triplets. I remember that first trimester. It was hard I couldn’t eat but I knew I had to. The sencond trimester got easier on that respect. Enjoy every second of it. It goes by too fast!

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