May 8, 2015 – 15 week Kaiser visit with Melanie Doty

We made 15 weeks yesterday! 🙂

Today we went in for a sonogram visit with our RNP Melanie. I think Rachel is starting to feel a little better. Not as much nausea and she has gained around 26 pounds. So far so good! Her fundal height is 24 cm, which Melanie said is exactly what it should be. Yay!


We got to hear the babies heart beats and Melanie said that they were all around 145 beats per minute. In her professional opinion – “They sounded like boys!” Melanie told us that boys usually have a slower heart rate than girls do at this stage of development.

Sonogram Video

I have been diligently researching what kind of car we should get. I found a great website with detailed information and a 3 across seating guide for people that find themselves in the same situation as us:

I really think that the best option is the Honda Odyssey EXL – When it comes to fitting infants 3 across and having enough storage room available to haul all of the things necessary when having triplets – you just can not beat the Odyssey EXL! The Odyssey has great safety & reliability reviews and I don’t see where we can go wrong.

The non-expectant father in me would rather have a BMW Alpina B7 – but that’s just nonsense talking. Which car would you choose??? Hahaha… 😀


2 thoughts on “May 8, 2015 – 15 week Kaiser visit with Melanie Doty

  1. Elva says:

    I didn’t ever think I would see my brother in a mini van. BMW … One one front, two in the back and the little woman can stay at home for some peace and quiet.

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