May 20, 2015 – Week 17, Off to Hawaii

Friday we head out for a long weekend of rest and relaxation on the beach in Hawaii. We booked this trip before we had any knowledge that we were expecting triplets. Our flight departs from SFO at 0930. The commute traffic can be challenging at times, especially on a Friday. So it made sense for us to stay in San Francisco Thursday night and start our vacation early. This also makes for a shorter travel day on Friday! 🙂


Rachel is still experiencing some nausea, some days are better than others. I often wish that I could take away her discomfort so she could feel better for more than one day at a time. All I can do for now is rub her neck, shoulders and feet to try and make her as comfortable as possible.

We have started planning the baby shower and we have already received several gifts from friends and family (Thank You!). I set up a baby registry at Amazon, although I am not familiar with this whole ‘baby shower’ / ‘baby registry’ process – it seems simple enough.

We have scheduled an appointment for Rachel’s 20 week anatomy scan for May 28th, hopefully that will give us a definitive answer on the sex of the babies. We also have an appointment with Dr. Wu for the 2nd trimester checkup on June 10th.

The search is still on for a vehicle to transport the kiddos, For some reason whenever I type ‘Honda Odyssey’ into the Craigslist Search box – the search results are for BMW 7 series cars! It is the strangest thing!!! 🙂

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died while in service to the United States of America. Pause for a moment of silence at 3pm on Monday to pay your respect and honor those men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. God bless them and their families!

That’s it for now.

16 weeks PicsArt_1431753246668a


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