May 27, 2015 – Travelling while pregnant with multiples


Rachel & I arrived home from vacation early this morning (1230AM). We had a fantastic time in Hawaii! First of all, I want to acknowledge how lucky I am to have Rachel as a partner. She is really a great travel companion! I know she was uncomfortable most of the trip, but we still made the most of it. 🙂


Our last day worked was Thursday 5/21. We spent the night in San Francisco at the Marriott Waterfront hotel. They have some beautiful views of the Airport/Bay from the Hotel/Atrium. Although the hotel is older, they have done a lot of work to improve the living and gathering spaces. The hotel is undergoing a major remodel as I type this.

We woke up Friday morning around 0630 and headed for the Anza Park and Fly lot. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 0930AM and after a short delay – we were on our way 20 minutes later than expected. If you are travelling while pregnant with multiples, I highly recommend asking for wheelchair assistance. You can usually find a kiosk near the ticket counters in most major airports. After we got our boarding passes/checked our bag, we found a kiosk and asked for help. We were whisked from the ticket counter, through security and on to the plane in no time. The lady that helped us was super nice and she was so excited to hear that we were expecting triplets. This made getting from curbside to the plane, less strenuous and stressful than it has to be. First Class service all the way!!! Don’t overexert yourself and be a hero. Travel is tough enough when you are not pregnant! -TAKE IT EASY and HYDRATE…

We flew on Hawaiian Airlines. They are the last major carrier to provide complimentary food service to all passengers. Going to Hawaii – they served a nice fruit, cheese and cracker tray. On the way home we had a salad & shoyu chicken, with rice and vegetables. Our flight was uneventful, a little turbulence – but no real “white knuckle” moments. We brought plenty of snacks and a Camelbak filtered water bottle, that Rachel kept full the entire trip.

***NOTE: Ladies, It is extremely important to be diligent about getting up and moving around the plane at least once an hour. To keep the blood circulating in her lower extremities, Rachel got up and walked around every hour. When we arrived her feet were pretty swollen and she had some minor aches and pains.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), The best time for pregnant women to fly is between weeks 18 and 24, since the chances of miscarriage and premature labor are both relatively low then.

  • Don’t be concerned about walking through the metal detector at the airport – it’s not an x-ray device, and it’s safe for you and your baby (-babies)
  • There’s no real risk of dangerous exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the sun while flying at high altitudes; the level of exposure under these circumstances isn’t significantly greater than normal everyday background radiation.
  • If you’re flying during your first trimester and have been suffering from morning sickness, you may be particularly susceptible to nausea while airborne.
  • Request an aisle or bulkhead seat when booking your ticket, just in case you need to rush to the bathroom – this is a good idea at any point during pregnancy, since it’s likely you’ll have to use the toilet during the flight.
  • Take regular stretching and walking breaks during the flight. Walk around the cabin, and flex your feet and roll your ankles while in your seat.
  • Wearing compression stockings will help keep the blood moving in your legs, and always wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing while traveling.

Please check with your doctor/obstetrician prior to flying!!!

The weather was amazing when we landed. A little overcast, but still warm and beautiful! My brother and niece met us at the airport with a roast pork plate lunch from Ige’s (Friday Special – ) Yummm!!!

Friday after lunch – China Walls (Portlock), Oahu


We stayed at the Queen Kapiolani Hotel. It’s an older hotel, but still worth the $$$. We upgraded from the Ocean View Suite to the Penthouse Ocean View Suite Balcony for $40 per night! From the lanai we had views of the Honolulu Zoo, Diamond Head & Waikiki beach. The only down side was parking = $25 per night. They really ding you on the parking in Hawaii.

Every morning we woke up early and drove to Eastern Shore of Oahu to watch the sunrise in Kailua. There is a -3 hours difference between Hawaii/Pacific Standard Time.

Sunrise – Kailua Beach Park, Oahu


On Saturday we drove to the North Shore and had Matsumoto’s Shave Ice!


5 days / 4 nights went by super quick, we had some good food, good company and a great time! (I even got Rachel to eat poi – on 4 separate occasions!) Kanaka babies like POI!!! 🙂


Next up – May 28th, 20 week anatomy scan…


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