June 23, 2015 – Week 21

Yesterday was my 49th birthday! Woo Hoo!!! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!


Damn I’m old!!! 🙂

Anyway, Rachel made it to 21 week mark last Thursday, she is still feeling tired and nauseous. She is also having issues sleeping and moving around the house. Most nights she tries to go to sleep in our bedroom, but usually ends up downstairs on the couch. On Sunday morning at 3 AM I found her sleeping in the recliner that is in our room, I asked her why she didn’t try sleeping in the guest bedroom. We have a queen sized bed in there that is quite a bit firmer and not as high off the ground as the one in our bedroom. I helped her move her pillows, blanket and Rufus (her Ted E. Bear!), then tucked her in. She slept pretty good in there, so I recommended that she try sleeping in there again last night. She sleeps better in there, than anywhere else in the house!

We visited Dr. Spivak twice since my last blog entry. One visit was scheduled, one was not. On June 16th, last Tuesday Rachel let me know that she wasn’t feeling right. She couldn’t put a finger on what it was exactly, she was just feeling off. I can’t explain all of the emotions that race through your mind when you hear something like that. All along the doctors have been telling us that it’s better to error on the side of being over cautious! We were able to make an appointment that morning with Dr. Spivak. Everything appeared normal, but Dr. Spivak fired up the ultrasound and took a look anyway. All 3 boys were doing fine. Dr. Spivak spoke to Rachel about contractions and asked her if that’s what she had been feeling. It is possible that they were mild contractions, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Whew –  what a relief! 🙂 Dr. Spivak recommended light or modified duty and also filled out the paperwork for Rachel to get disabled placards from DMV.

We had our normal every 2 week appointment with Dr. Spivak this morning. The babies are growing, growing, growing! They all appear to be the same size and looked to be fairly cramped in Rachel’s tiny frame. Once again Dr. Spivak recommended light or modified duty and gave Rachel a note saying that she is recommending that she work from home for the remainder of her “high risk triplet pregnancy” or as long as it remained feasible. We knew her working days were numbered, but you never know until it actually starts to happen!

On Saturday evening I got to feel 2 of the boys doing somersaults in Rachel’s tummy. It is an amazing feeling knowing that those are the lives that we created together – what a complex, mysterious, and seemingly miraculous process!

Our next scheduled appointment with Dr. Spivak is July 6th…

Rachel @21 weeks

21 weeksPicsArt_1434865050314


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