July 6, 2015 – 23 weeks, OMG feel this!

We went for another doctors visit to Kaiser this morning. Our bi-monthly visit with Rachel’s OBGYN – Dr. Spivak.

23 weeks Title1

While we were seated in the waiting room, Rachel grabbed my hand and said “OMG, feel this!”. I reached over and felt baby B’s foot, leg, butt, arm or head move back and forth under Rachel’s tummy. What a weird, crazy sensation that was!!! 🙂 It was really hard, like a rock. It was probably his foot, I felt it as it went from the center of her belly towards her arm, slowly back to the center, slowly back towards her arm and then slowly back towards the center again!!! A woman across the room noticed what was happening and must have realized that this was one of the first times that I was feeling our baby move. She giggled and said “You should feel it from the other side!” 😀 Nah, uh, No way!!! Obviously I am just kidding about what happened, it truly was one of the most AMAZING things that I have ever experienced in my life!

Rachel’s blood pressure and protein levels were good. She gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks (need to work on that!). Rachel has been having a really hard time getting comfortable and sleeping at night. Last night she told me that “She HATES the bed and the CHAIR and the COUCH!!!” 😦 I feel so helpless when it comes to her discomfort. I just try and do what I can to make her as comfortable as possible. She also has been feeling really nauseous, she told me that she threw up this morning. I think this is only the second time that has happened, I could be wrong though! She also tires quickly and doesn’t have a lot of energy.

On Saturday, we went to the movies and saw “Inside Out” it was a cute movie, but I had just finished watching Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2, so I was a little Pixar’ed out!

Only a couple of more days until we reach the first milestone – 24 weeks!


A special note to our friend Kim N. You were such a beautiful ray of sunshine and touched all of our lives with your thoughtfulness and kindness. God has a new angel rising to his kingdom. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, her brother Sean and her husband George. We will always treasure the time that we shared together at the Barcelo Maya. May you Rest in Peace – God Bless!!!


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