July 9, 2015 – 24 weeks, the babies are viable! =)

Rachel and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support! Making it to 24 weeks is a huge milestone for us!!!


Last Thursday our co-workers threw a baby shower in our honor, it was so incredibly sweet of them to do that! Our company has been so supportive of us throughout this process! It was just a really neat feeling to see everyone come together and celebrate our little bundles of joy!!!

We are so thankful for their generosity & thoughtfulness! We received a lot of gifts that we really needed, including our 2nd Graco carseat!


On Sunday Rachel’s mom threw another shower, that included some family friends and neighborhood families (they’ve lived there for 37 years!). What an amazing turnout, we have such an awesome group of friends and family.

Neighborhood baby shower


Next up:

Wednesday: Off to Kaiser for a Lab/Glucose test. Right afterwards we have a preterm labor meeting with the Kaiser nurse.

Saturday: Rachel’s brother/sister-in-law are hosting another baby shower at their house, this one will be family and close friends.

Saturday afternoon I am headed up to the mountains on a quickie getaway with a buddy of mine! July looks like it will be a busy month for the two of us (plus 3) !!! 😀

Next Friday: We have another OB checkup, it seems like we just did one of those – didn’t we??? 😀

God Bless!

Paul & Rachel


Here are a couple of bonus pictures!

Rachel & her mom Anne (I took this without their permission or knowledge!) I love this picture!!!
Rachel-AnneRachel – 24 weeks posing with one of our co-workers who is also pregnant with a singleton. Both are 24 weeks pregnant (only 2 days apart!!!)

Can you tell which one is expecting triplets???
24weeksShawnRachelSome of the gifts that we received from family and friends!!! (THANK YOU!!!)



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