July 27, 2015 – 26 weeks…

Hi everybody,

First off, here is an update to the GTT testing (Glucose Tolerance Test) that Rachel did last Monday. She passed 2 out of the 3 tests. She DOES NOT have Gestational Diabetes! WooHoo!!! She HAS been diagnosed with Glucose intolerance. This just means that we will have to modify her diet and she will not get to have the unlimited amounts of sweets/treats that she has been accustomed to! 😦 On the bright side, she WILL NOT need to stick herself 4x per day to monitor her blood sugar levels.


On Thursday, July 23rd we went to Kaiser for the 26 week growth scan/ultrasound. According to the sonographer – Rachel and the babies look great! Both are as big as a house!!! 😀 Seriously, here are the results:

Rachel: 182 pounds – up 47 pounds. She weighed 135 at the 9 week appointment (Rachel is even more beautiful than the day we met!!!)

Baby A: 73rd percentile

Baby B: 88th percentile

Baby C: 95th percentile

This means that out of 100 babies Baby A is bigger than 72 of the other 100 babies!!! (& so on, & so on…)

Every day that the babies grow and mature inside Rachel’s tummy is a blessing.

On Friday we went back to Kaiser for Rachel’s scheduled OBGYN appointment. Her normal doctor was out on vacation, so we met with a different doctor. She had already reviewed the ultrasounds from Thursday and said that everything looked good. She even made a bet with Rachel that all of the boys would be identical, for $1 – Really? Identical? Can you imagine? This is the first time that anyone at Kaiser had mentioned anything about identical vs. fraternal (I know that the chances of naturally conceived identical triplets is astronomical!!!). There is a test that they can run on the placenta that determines it either way. We really liked this ‘other’ doctor, she seemed very experienced in ‘multiple pregnancies’.

On Saturday we went to our 4th & final baby shower. Our good friends Pat & Sheila hosted the event. It was well attended by Family, Friends, Childhood Friends, Current & Former co-workers. What an amazing show of support! We definitely can not do this by ourselves. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the support of so many people throughout this entire process. It truly does take a village to raise a child, in our situation it will take the entire town!!! 😀


Rachel & Grandma practicing on Baby Addison…


Rachel is nearing the end of her ability to work from home. Carrying those big babies around all day will become her primary responsibility. I know that she is worried about finances, (who doesn’t worry about that?) – I just try to reassure her that everything will be all right. Just focus on growing those three little ones as big as you can! 🙂 She is obviously doing an amazing job!!! I will try and hold up my end of the bargain, I got it easy compared to her. 🙂


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