August 20, 2015 – 30 weeks!!!


We went to Kaiser on Thursday August 20th for the 30 week growth scan. All of the babies look BIG & Healthy. They ranged in weight from 3.5 – 4.2 pounds and all measured 31+ weeks. Heart rates were good 144/144/141. The sonographer was really excited to see the change in the boys. We met with her early on in the pregnancy and like everyone else we cross paths with – she remembered us! 🙂


We start Non Stress Tests in 2 weeks (@32 weeks!) These tests are a non-invasive way of checking on the baby’s health. It is a bit more complicated with triplets. The test records the baby’s movement, heartbeat, and contractions. It notes changes in heart rhythm when your baby goes from resting to moving, or during contractions if you’re in labor…

Some random thoughts and ramblings:

  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until the boys arrive!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until we get to dress them up and teach them to root for the Raiders/Giants/Athletics/Sharks & Warriors!!!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until our lives change forever!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until we yearn for a good nights sleep!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until we get to test all of the preparation we have done!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until we are blessed with our new family!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until I am a father for the first time!!!
  • 5 Weeks 6 Days until this is REAL!!!

There’s no going back now!!! 😀



Mahalo Ke Akua / Thank you God!!!


One thought on “August 20, 2015 – 30 weeks!!!

  1. Anne Jones says:

    Dear Paul,

    You made their Gramma Anne cry with this post. I am so excited for their arrival! I have had a triplet dream where I am holding one baby and frantically looking for the others. Yikes!

    So glad to know how much they have grown- even though seeing Rachel’s belly, I was sure they would be😄

    Thank you for for loving patience in these past eight months. I know what wonderful parents you will be to Kaleo, Makani, and Keoni. 🙏🍼🍼🍼

    God Bless you both as you move closer to holding them in your arms.

    Love you, Gramma Anne

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