September 13, 2015 – 33 weeks 3 days Kaiser L&D Walnut Creek…

Just a quick update to let everybody know what’s going on.


Rachel has been having contractions & swelling in her lower extremities. We took her to Kaiser L&D Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & again on Saturday. During Saturday’s visit her BP was higher than normal & they had a +1 reading on protein in her urine. The decision was made that she be admitted for 24 hour urine monitoring. All of her symptoms are a warning sign of preclampsia.

She was transferred by ambulance to Kaiser Walnut Creek as they were the only level 4 NICU with available beds should the babies need to be delivered.

I met her at the hospital and we hunkered down for a long night of monitoring, paperwork & questioning. She was given a steroid shot before leaving Santa Rosa. This is administered to help develop the babies lungs should they need to be delivered.

Right now the plan is to stay pregnant for as long as possible. My gut feeling is we will probably be seeing these little guys before our scheduled C-Section on September 30th.

I will post updates soon!

Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers!

Mahalo Ke Akua


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