October 8, 2015 – Home!

Hi everybody,

We’re home finally!!! Kaleo & Makani were discharged on Monday October 5th and Keoni got out on the 6th. It is so nice to finally be home 😛


There is so much to say and so little time to write about it!

We went to the Pediatrician today and everybody is looking good. The boys weigh in: Keoni 6lbs 14.8 oz, Makani 6lbs 10.8oz, and Kaleo 6lbs 8.9oz. The doctor said that everything looked great. The only thing that was an issue was the appointment fell right during their feeding time, that and do you know how long it takes to get 3 newborns loaded up into car seats, in the car and into a doctor’s office? Wow – I had no clue!

I will try and write more soon, but that’s it for now…

Mahalo ke Akua! / Thank you God!

Going home with the boysKaiserSR-GoingHome


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