October 21, 2015 – The joy of 3 hour feedings…

So when I heard that the babies ate every 3 hours – I thought, no problem! I can handle that!!!


I am pretty sure that I missed the memo saying that the time that it took to feed all 3 babies was included in the every 3 hour plan! I (in my infinite wisdom) was thinking feed baby | sleep for 3 hours | wake up baby & feed again!

Nor did anyone mention that it would take 30 to 45 minutes to feed each one! 😦

So, here I am thinking (once again – my infinite wisdom strikes again!) – I GOT THIS, NO PROBLEM! Reality strikes me upside the head and I realize that there’s only 45 minutes before the next feeding starts! Trust me, 45 minutes is not enough time to eat, shower, nap, do laundry, fold clothes, go shopping, make formula, wash dishes, vacuum, etc… OMG!!!

I really am very grateful that the boys are all happy & healthy!!! We are truly blessed to have them all home at last! We are slowly figuring the schedule thing out, it just takes practice and I am sure we will get better at it.

Rachel is getting better, slowly recovering from the C-Section surgery. I feel bad for her because we live in a 2 story condo & all of the bedrooms are upstairs. The boys have taken over the house. Our dining room has become the ‘temporary’ nursery while we transition to life at home with triplets.

We have a little bit of a routine established. My day starts at 2:30am, I shower, get ready and head downstairs to relieve Rachel who did the 9pm & midnight feedings. I am responsible for the 3am & 6am feedings. Rachel relieves me at 8am for the 9am feeding then off to work I go. She feeds at noon and 3pm and hopefully I get home early enough to take over the 3pm and 6pm feedings while she naps. Does anybody have all of that straight???

Good – now can you explain it to me??? Fortunately we have some fantastic/amazing friends & family that have volunteered to help throughout the week and on the weekends.

Mahalo ke Akua!

Just a couple of the awesome friends that have come over to help feed/hold the boys! Thanks – Kirk & Caro


Bath Time for Keoni & Makani




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