October 29, 2015 – Happy 40 week Due Date…

Hey everyone!

Thursday, October 29th would have been our boys “Full Term” due date. They will be 7 weeks old on November 5th. Speaking of November 5th, We have a pediatrician’s appointment scheduled for that day & the boys will go in to have their first round of immunization shots. It has been very hard to shield them from all of the winter colds that are starting to make their rounds. Most people are more than willing to comply with our requests, but some are adamant about picking up the babies or touching their hands and faces even after telling them that it’s not cool!!! 😦 I have been accused of being over protective, first time father, etc… You can call me whatever you like – but unless you are going to come over and help take care of the babies in the middle of the night when they are sick – PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH or COME AROUND THEM IF YOU ARE SICK!!! 🙂


Since the boys are so big and healthy looking, most people assume that it is ok to touch them. In reality, they are still preemies – and their immune system is still very, very fragile!!!

I took Friday off to stay home & be a ‘Mother’s Helper’/bond with the babies. It was nice! Our company was having a Halloween party, so we decided at the last minute to load up the babies & introduce them to our co-workers. This is where the ‘no touching’ part comes to play. One of our co-workers insisted on sticking his hands in and playing with the babies, we are like WTF dude? NO TOUCHING! His reply “LOL, no touching???” I guess he didn’t think we were serious!

We have been VERY strict on ensuring that before anyone comes to the house, that they are “not feeling sick” and have a current Tdap or Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination. This is really important, whooping cough can actually kill your baby(babies) if they contract it!!!

On Sunday we switch the clocks back an hour for Daylight Saving Time. A silly ritual in my opinion that was created back in 1916 by Germany to save coal during WWI. The United States adapted the practice in 1918, after it entered WWI in 1917. Congress repealed DST in 1919 after the farming community objected, but the practice was later standardized in 1966. (Hawaii & Arizona do not observe DST!) /DST rant over!

So where was I? Oh yeah, so the clocks go back an hour on Sunday, November 1st. I was thinking in my head that this was going to screw up our feeding schedule! (Bad things occur when I start thinking) We feed the boys at 12, 3, 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 9 & start over. If the boys have an internal clock like mine, which they probably do –  they will have a hard time adjusting to this 1 hour time change. Rachel & I talked about it, then decided that it would be nice to load up the boys and take them for a drive out to the coast (call us crazy, but 2 outings in 2 days!!!) If we did that, they would sleep through their noon feeding and we could feed them at 1pm. Then we would be back on schedule when the clocks changed! Well, long story longer – IT WORKED! We had a nice drive to the coast, stopped for some Clam Chowder and while we waited we were interrogated by all of the curious onlookers. We loaded the babies back up in the van and drove up the coast and sat in the back of the van to finish our lunch. We were home by 1pm and the boys were a little pissed off, but life is good now!!!

Hahahaha, hopefully you guys are still with me! This is what happens when sleep deprivation kicks in! I am not going to proof read what I wrote – so I hope it makes sense!

BTW – congratulations to my Nephew Joe & his new bride Jenna (they got married on Saturday in Reno). I wish we could have been there, but I am sure you understand!


Mahalo ke Akua!!!

Just got fed on their “NEW SCHEDULE”


Loaded up & headed to the ocean…



2 thoughts on “October 29, 2015 – Happy 40 week Due Date…

  1. Roberta Jue says:

    Good for you Paul to be protective of your babies. People mean well, but are not thinking or as informed as you are. Keep up the great parenting you two!


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