February 16, 2016 – Happy 5 Month Birthday!!!

Has it really been 5 months???



We are finally starting to settle in to a groove. I really like this stage of being a father. The boys are starting to show off their little personalities, as well as their likes & dislikes.

  • Kaleo is our little serious guy, he likes to talk, smile & be held. While being the smallest in stature, he makes up for it with his vocal chords! When he is unhappy he lets the whole neighborhood know about it. Kaleo is also the best eater. Our little water boy, he just loves being in the water
  • Makani is our little shy boy, he has the cutest damn smile, he doesn’t talk much – but when he does, you can’t shut him up! Makani can sit a stare outside for hours, I am guessing he is going to be our nature boy. 🙂
  • Keoni is one big happy dude, even when he is crying he still manages to slip a smile or a laugh in to the routine. He doesn’t understand why he is fussy, he is so eager to please and make you smile. He also likes to talk and is learning all kinds of ‘new sounds’!

This is the “FUN” part that everyone was telling me about! I am a little worried that this might just be the calm before the storm!


Thanks to my niece & sister, the boys got to try their first ‘solid food’ on Valentine’s Day. Fresh poi (ground taro root) from Hawaii – what a treat! We fully expected Keoni (our big boy) to be the master of the spoon, but surprisingly Kaleo (our little guy) earned the title of ‘Poi Boy’ his first step on the journey to becoming a ‘True Local Boy’!!! He really loved it and couldn’t get enough 🙂 He ended up finishing off the rest of the poi bowl on Monday – who would have guessed?

Valentine’s Day Dinner –


Steak & Poi – yumm

I tried to get a photo perspective of how big each boy is at this stage of the process, I am not sure if I succeeded or not:


As far as our daily routine goes, here is a breakdown.

We are down to 4 feedings per day, @8 ounces per feed. Bedtime is around 730pm and they usually wake up around 630am. ***Kaleo & Makani need some nighttime intervention, while Keoni sleeps through the night most of the time.***. They all nap 2 to 3 times per day, up to 2 hours at a time. They also get a bath before bed on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday nights. 🙂

That’s it for now! Hope everybody had a great Valentine’s Day!!!

Mahalo Ke Akua!!!

Throwback Tuesday:


Valentine’s Day 2015



One thought on “February 16, 2016 – Happy 5 Month Birthday!!!

  1. Anne Jones says:

    Hooray for you and Rachel to arrive at 5 months with three handsome sons who are ready to take on the world. I love spending time with them and love that they aren’t identical in any way. Their smiles are the best!! Love you so much, Kaleo, Makani, and Keoni 💙💙💙


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