March 2, 2016 – Solids…

Hey everybody!

Just thought I would post a quick update and let everyone know what’s been happening around our place the past few weeks.


We started the boys on baby food 7 Days ago (actually we fed them poi on Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t really count!) For the first 5 nights we mixed Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal with Similac formula. Kaleo & Keoni loved it!!! Makani, not so much, but he’s still learning how to eat. The boys all did really well. Kaleo & Keoni were practically begging for more after the bowl was gone. 🙂

Last night we split 1 – 4 oz. jar of Earth’s Best Organic Winter Squash between the 3 boys. Rachel suggested that I pour half of the jar into a bowl in case they didn’t finish it all. (Yeah Right!)  Once again, Kaleo & Keoni were over the top – loving every spoonful! Makani is just getting used to eating from a spoon, but he still managed to eat some of it. It was just a lot less than his two brothers!!! 🙂

It was suggested that we introduce new foods slowly, and to feed them vegetables first – then fruits. That is the main reason we fed them the same flavor for 5 days before switching! Next up – carrots!

As far as growth, all 3 of the boys are growing like flowers in the spring! I purchased some new pajamas for Keoni, size – 18 months (because the 12 month pj’s are too small). It feels like Kaleo has caught up to Makani (weight wise) but he is still the runt! lol 😉

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Rachel continues to experience a tremendous amount of pain in her stomach & back from diastasis recti (separation of the abdomen walls). She has been doing the core strengthening exercises recommended by the MUTU system. She has another physical therapy appointment tomorrow, we’ll see what Kaiser has to say.

Sonoma County Mothers of Multiples (SCMoMS) is having their  swap meet this Saturday. This organization has been such a blessing to be a part of! We are so lucky to be able to find this amazing group of people, everyone is so supportive!

That’s all for now!

Take care…

Mahalo ke Akua!



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