March 16, 2016 – 6 Months!!!

Happy 6 month birthday to our beautiful boys!!!


I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed. It seems like just yesterday we were at the Valentin Imperial Maya, an Adults Only All Inclusive in Playa del Secreto, Mexico. (it’s been 13 months to be exact!) And now we are celebrating our 3 precious little boy’s 6 month birthday. Life is so unexpected and wonderful at times!!!

Even though they are only 6 months old, Kaleo & Makani struggle to fit into 12 month outfits and Keoni has almost outgrown the 18’s. These are going to be some BIG boys!!!


Kaleo, Makani & Keoni

We have been so blessed to have these three little dudes in our life! As a first-time father I didn’t know what to expect. Life has changed in so many ways (for the better)! I am constantly in awe of these boys, you are so damn cute and are thriving in every way imaginable!!! Sure, there have been some tough times (see The Joy of 3 Hour Feedings!) but I wouldn’t trade this experience for all of the money in the world.

True Love can not be defined by a person that does not have a child…

Rachel and I sincerely want to thank all of our friends, family and the SCMoMs group – you have helped us raise these boys and all of you have become an integral part of their life! Thank you so much for being there for us!!!

A special message to Plamen & Cveti (currently 33 weeks expecting GGB triplets!!) – we just want you to know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers, we send all of our love to you as you prepare to embark on this crazy journey of parenting triplets.

And to my beautiful wife, partner and best friend – Rachel, I Love You!!! Thank you for being there – every step of the way!!!

That’s all for now…

Mahalo ke Akua 🙂



Added for Rachel 😀


12 thoughts on “March 16, 2016 – 6 Months!!!

  1. rachelnorcal says:

    Where is the “LOVE!!” button? 😍😍😍
    It hasn’t always been simple to find the right words to accurately convey all our thoughts & feelings throughout this adventure of the past year… Thank you for doing such a good job at it!! I know how many parents of multiples talk about the blur of the first few months-year… And I’m so grateful we’ve got this written record of it all. There is NO WAY I could’ve done/be doing any of this without you (for both the obvious & not-so-obvious reasons LOL 🙂 You’re The Best ❤️❤️❤️


  2. toddmazza says:

    This is an awesome accomplishment Paul and Rachel! They’re looking so great. Kristen and I are so happy for you. We can’t wait to meet your little dudes and have a play date with Samuel and Jacob.

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