May 10, 2016 – Happy In-N-Out Day!!!

Today is a big day!!!


The babies have officially made it to In-N-Out day. (No, they didn’t eat at the Fast Food Restaurant!!!) 🙂

Today is the day that the babies have spent as much time outside the womb as they did inside of it. I don’t really understand what the point is in celebrating this day??? (I AM JUST KIDDING!) 😮

Here is a picture of Rachel the morning the boys were born & another of her with 4 of her 5 boys taken on Mother’s Day. 🙂

Speaking of that – I hope that all of you mom’s had a Happy Mother’s Day! The boys and I made this for Mother’s Day:


Keoni, Makani & Kaleo

A recent family photo at the RCR run a couple of weekends ago:

RCR-Picnic 2016

Keoni, Makani & Kaleo, one of many family outings!

Mahalo ke Akua!


7 thoughts on “May 10, 2016 – Happy In-N-Out Day!!!

  1. rachelnorcal says:

    For the record, I’d never heard of In & Out Day until the triplets.. & I don’t think the babies are expecting gifts or cake 😛
    Maybe it’s a multiples thing?


  2. Carol Van de Wetering says:

    More adorable with EVERY post. I LOVE it. Thanks. Please bring those little ones to Elva’s so we can squeeze them. Kim is asking why you haven’t been here. But let us know when you’ll be coming so we will be home FOR SURE and we can get our octupus arms out ready for hugging, squeezing, and loving. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    ((((((((Hugggggggs )))))))) Carol


  3. Anne jones says:

    I’d say it is a very big day for your sweet family. Boys would really enjoy some cake and ice cream ! So they will know how to eat those food groups before their first birthdays.


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