May 16, 2016 – 8 Months (already?)

Hey everybody!


We just celebrated our BIG boys’ 8 month birthday!!! It is crazy how fast time is flying by…


It has been a while since I posted an update of what a normal day looks like for us. At 8 months things are dramatically different than what we were doing just a few months ago.

We are down to 4 feedings a day and we give them solid food right before bed. Thursday night is bath night and Sunday has become ‘Family Day’. The boys really love bath night, I have a feeling they will be at the pool all day long when it opens on Memorial Day weekend. They just love the water! On Sundays I have been trying to get everybody loaded up and out of the house to seek out some adventure. It is the only day that we can all get together and spend as a family. It really is a lot of WORK to accomplish this feat, but I have to give Rachel all of the credit here. She is a trooper and manages to get all of the things that we need for a successful outing packed and ready to go. (we won’t mention the time that she forgot to pack nipples when we went to the mall – lol) She also gives the boys their morning bottles and gets them dressed and ready for the road!

My alarm clock is set for 5 am. The boys will normally wake up between 6/630 am. I feed and change the boys (hopefully before) Rachel comes down to relieve me at 715 am. Then I head to the office to start work at 8. They will usually nap for an hour before they eat again around 1030. Then they play until the next nap-time around noon. The noon nap is usually the longest nap of the day. Lasting anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. They eat again around 230 pm and will nap once more before their final bottle. We do not let the boys sleep past 5 pm. No ifs, ands or buts!!! If they are still sleeping, we wake them up! 😦 They get their last bottle of the day around 530 pm and we also feed them a jar of solid baby food (each) before getting them ready for bed. We only give them vegetables and rice cereal for now, no fruit yet. Bedtime is around 730 pm and the big question that we always get asked is ‘Do they sleep through the night?’ Well, not quite! Keoni is pretty good about sleeping through the night. Makani is the lightest sleeper and usually wakes once or twice during the night. Kaleo sleeps pretty well, but he hears me get up in the morning and wants to be up with Dad too! All in all, not a bad a schedule!

As far as development goes – nobody is talking (*yet), crawling or walking (*yet). They are all able to sit up unassisted. We hear them say things that sound like Mom/Dad, but they are usually directed at inanimate objects! 🙂 Keoni seems like he will be the first to crawl, he can get up on all fours and rock back/forth. Makani doesn’t have a lot of interest in being on his stomach. (he just recently discovered he likes to sleep on his stomach/side), but he does like to stand up and can usually go for 20 minute stretches with some assistance. He looks like he will be the first to walk, and he will probably skip crawling completely. Kaleo has no interest in standing or sitting. I guess I wasn’t far off when I nicknamed him PEMU way back when. (PEMU stands for Pick Me Up!!!) He can roll from back to stomach & stomach to back, but he has no desire to get up on all fours and if we try and get him to stand he lowers his butt to the ground – LOL…

Yes, they are all different and very unique!!! Nothing identical about these boys. 😀


The boys watching the NBA Western Conference Finals – Go Dubs!!!

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Ke Akua Ho’omaika’i – God Bless…


5 thoughts on “May 16, 2016 – 8 Months (already?)

  1. Your little guys are breathtakingly adorable! I love hearing about how your family works, not too much different from life with twins. It’s great how you all fight to have “Family Day” despite the extra work. Props to you and your wife! Thanks for sharing.

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