May 27, 2016 – On the move!

Hey everybody!

The babies suffered through their first bug over the weekend. Fever, a little cough & a lot of crankiness. Fortunately they were a lot better on Monday.


On Wednesday, May 25th Keoni did this for the first time: (Oh oh!!! :-O this is going to be a game changer!)

For some reason the boys LOVE bubbly water. I guess because they see me drinking it all of the time. Anyway, Keoni has been showing signs of wanting to crawl. He’s been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth, but could only manage to spin himself around in circles. On Tuesday, I put a bottle of mineral water on the floor just to see if Keoni would want it enough to crawl 5 feet to get it. Sure enough, it worked! 😀 Now he is unstoppable, he crawls all over the living room floor. I think his brothers are a little jealous of his new found ability and it just may be the spark they need to try to learn how to crawl!

Hope everything is well with you and yours…

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Take care & God Bless / Ke Akua Ho’o Mai Kai


2 thoughts on “May 27, 2016 – On the move!

    • It is awesome to see them reach these huge milestones. But you are right, it is very scary at the same time.

      I wouldn’t say things are easy, but they were definitely easier, oh well that just flew out the window – lol 🙂

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