June 14, 2016 – Out with OLD, In with the NEW!!!

Hey everybody,

We will be celebrating the boy’s 9 month birthday on Thursday June 16th, 2016. There are lots of ‘New Happenings’ around our place and this brings great joy to our lives. Keoni has been army crawling, Kaleo can roll across the entire living room & Makani is showing signs of wanting to walk (skipping the crawling stage completely!) Rachel & I are also feeling a little sentimental, kind of like this is an ‘End of an Era’. 😥


The phrase ‘Out with the OLD, In with the NEW’ – pretty much sums up what has been happening around our house. Apparently this process started WAY before the boys were born or even conceived!

Here is a quick summary:


Before we started dating – Rachel lived in a 1 bedroom duplex downtown and I was renting a bedroom in a house that was close to work. December of 2014 we both decided that her place wasn’t big enough, so we started looking for new accommodations. I found a great deal on a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath condo on the other side of town. We signed the lease agreement at the end of January and moved in 1 week before the boys were conceived. (the boys were conceived during Rachel’s birthday getaway vacation to Playa del Carmen)

God was definitely working in our lives!!!


Rachel owned a 2004 VW Jetta 4 door & I had a 1998 BMW 328iS 2 door. In June of 2015 we traded the Jetta in on a 2007 Honda Odyssey. (Probably one of the best investments we have made to date!) Neither of us ever thought we would own a minivan, but it has been a lifesaver. I could not imagine trying to haul the boys and all of their stuff around without it.

In March of 2016 I sold my beloved BMW and bought a 2006 Infinity M45 4 door. It was hard giving up the BMW for a ‘grown up’ car (especially one with all of those doors) but the 350HP Infiniti V8 engine made me happy!!! 🙂


We were gifted so many cute outfits that the boys no longer fit in. Rachel has passed most of them on to other Families with multiples from her Facebook group & SCMoMs. It is cute to see other babies sporting those same outfits!

Fisther Price My Little Snug-a-Puppy Deluxe Bouncers (x2)

The boys loved their My Little Snug-a-Puppy Deluxe Bouncers, but they were getting too big for them. We put them up for free on the neighborhood website Nextdoor.com and a couple that is expecting Twins (their first kiddos) contacted us about them! We are so happy that our bouncers will be going to another Multiple family that needs them and will put them to good use. The cool thing is that they live about 1/2 a mile from us, in the same complex as we do. I am sure we will see them at our community pool more and more as they approach their delivery date.


Fisher Price Rock-n-Plays (x3)

The boys are too big for their Rock-n-Plays and we haven’t used them in over a month. We offered them to the expectant twin couple that we just met, but we aren’t sure that they want/need them yet. These were a life saver when we first brought the boys home from the NICU. Especially since we live in a 2 story house with all of the bedrooms located on the 2nd story. The boys slept exclusively in these for the first 3 months that they were at home. Because of the incline position they also helped to relieve colic & reflux.


Fisher Price Jumperoos (x2)

We are right on the cusp of retiring the jumperoos. They have a 25 lb maximum capacity & Keoni is tipping the scales at 23 lbs. These helped to build the boy’s core strength. We also used them to contain/entertain Keoni after he learned how to army crawl. Behind Makani, you can see the multi-colored gates that we use, now that Keoni is too big for the jumperoos!

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Fisher Price My Little Snug a Puppy Swing & Cradle

Makani was the only one that really got to use the Swing & Cradle. Mostly because his brothers were too chunky to fit in it! 🙂 He enjoyed napping in it while his brothers napped in the Pack n Play/Co-Sleeper. We passed it on to another Multiple family through SCMoMs.


Graco Swing By Me

Keoni got to use this swing almost exclusively. It really calmed & soothed him when he was fussy. The other 2 boys rarely got to take it for a spin. This was also passed on to another SCMOM.



Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 infant car seats

The boys haven’t technically outgrown the Graco infant car seats, but they are getting close. I switched them out – 2 weeks ago with New Diono RXT Radian convertible seats. The boys love the new Dionos (rear facing until 2 years old), they have plenty of room to grow and they also have more of an upright seating position (better to take in the views when we go on roadtrips!) I installed 1 of the Gracos in my car until the boys outgrow them completely.

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We used Baby Trend Universal Double & Single Snap-N-Go Stroller Frames with the Graco infant car seats for the first 7 months. They were really convenient as the car seat fits perfectly in the stroller frame. They also don’t draw as much attention as the triple strollers when we are out on the town. When the boys were just 3 1/2 months old, I found a great deal on a Berg Runabout 3 seat stroller on Craigslist. The only thing missing was the sunshade for each side. I had my sail maker friend John, Owner of Amen Sails whip some up in his workshop and now the boys are styling and protected from Prying, Germy Strangers – as well as UV rays.

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That’s about it for this update!

Take care & God Bless / Ke Akua Ho’o Mai Kai


2 thoughts on “June 14, 2016 – Out with OLD, In with the NEW!!!

    • I am surprised that the picture of them in their infant car seats didn’t make you cry, that was their first ride home from the hospital!

      Click & hold on the image, then select open in new window…


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