September 8, 2016 – A year to remember…

Sometimes I find it difficult to find the right words to express exactly how I am feeling. Rachel and I have had so many blessings bestowed upon us – Ultimately the birth of these 3 strong, happy, healthy babies. We are very fortunate to have had so much help, both financially and around the house from our families and extended families since the boys were born. We are eternally grateful for each and every one of you for the time, care and effort that you have invested in raising these 3 precious souls!!!


This has been such an amazing journey. The first 3 months were such a blur that I barely remember what happened and when. Rachel and I feel extremely fortunate that the boys have been relatively healthy. They have only had 2 small colds – fever, runny nose and cough. (hopefully I am not jinxing it by mentioning it!)

Even though they were born just minutes a part, they are so different in every way imaginable. Below is brief update of each boy’s progress and the Hawaiian meanings of each name, along with some fun ‘meanings’ that I found on the old interweb (in italics!)

Hope you enjoy…

Baby Kaleo: The oldest of our trio. He is still the runt (compared to his ‘little brothers’ anyway). He weighs a little bit more than Makani but he is an inch and a half shorter than both of his brothers. He is such a sweet, sweet boy, I think he is happiest when he gets to sit on my lap. I think he would do it all day long if I didn’t have to go to work. He’s a little behind his brothers as far as crawling and standing goes, but he is making a strong push to catch up to them.



In Hawaiian – Kaleo means ‘sound’ or ‘voice’ and this little dude is definitely NOT lacking in that department. If he is happy or upset, he will definitely let you know! He likes to sing and copy the sounds that his brothers make. Heaven forbid if one of his brothers has a toy that he wants!!!

Who is he?
Kaleo is a strong man who is quite unfathomable due to two opposing components in his first name. The first, masculine and irascible, excitable and passionate; comes from the association of the karmic 1 and 8. The other tendency makes him nervous, private, internalized, shy or even inhibited. Individualistic and personal, he is a man of duty – perhaps more so in his intentions than in real life, however. He has difficulty making himself understood, his reactions are often unpredictable and he could just as easily react in an untimely or drastic manner as become withdrawn in a more or less painful sensitivity. Dialogue, tact and diplomacy are not his strong points even though his intuition is very well developed… He is generally an active person but his tendency to go to extremes can mean that his lifestyle is subject to change. Either he puts all his heart and soul into the task at hand, working relentlessly until he has finished – or he takes refuge in total inactivity. As a child, Kaleo tries to impose himself and will spend a lot of time and energy to earn the respect of those around him. Parents, avoid rubbing him up the wrong way and encourage him to communicate. A star pupil, Kaleo´s education could be a roaring success, unless his need for independence, versatility and impatience lead him to become a self-taught genius.

What does he like?
He likes to shine, to be noticed, admired and set an example for others; and he won´t hesitate to resort to his natural theatrical talents in order to achieve these ends. Kaleo could appear to be a rather original, eccentric or marginal character. If his intellectual nature is prevalent, he will be fond of astrology, psychology, ethnology and spirituality… or will profess reactionary opinions – or contrarily – revolutionary views; with an apparently cynical, critical and scathing attitude. In matters of the heart, he is ardently passionate (but not particularly sentimental) and generous, but only on the condition that his authority is never challenged! He also expects his partner to pay him constant attention and could reveal himself to be as jealous as a jilted skunk!

What does he do?
Obviously such a multi-faceted individual has multiple possibilities. If he was born on the 16th, he will be more likely to choose one of the technical or specialized fields (engineer, mechanics, information technology) or scientific research; otherwise, the paranormal domain could equally fascinate him, because he has strong intuitive abilities which could easily become clairvoyance (magnetic healer…).

Makani Boy: He is such a funny little dude! Our Blue Eyed Boy – he has so many facial expressions and you can literally see the wheels turning in his brain when he is trying to figure something out. He really likes to play with or without his brothers and he is able to understand certain words and phrases. He is still an outdoorsy kind of guy. He just loves going for rides in the car and getting out and about in their stroller. He doesn’t sleep nearly as much as his brothers. I think that he really likes his morning 1 on 1 time with dad, as he usually wakes up 30 minutes before his brothers so he can hang out with me and talk about current events.



In Hawaiian the meaning of the name – Makani means wind. I think this is where his love of outdoors comes in to play, Rachel and I both find it ironic that when he was born he was the only one that required assistance breathing via CPAP!
People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters…
People with this name tend to be a powerful force to all whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid…

Keoni Big Boy: He is such a happy go lucky guy! He loves his mama and follows her around like a little puppy. He is by far the biggest, strongest and most agile of the three boys. He has an unlimited amount of energy. But, on the plus side – when he sleeps, he sleeps hard and long! I think that he is a self appointed ladies man! He just loves the ladies! I sometimes forget that Keoni is still just a baby. He is so big that he looks and acts like a toddler. I really enjoy watching him laugh and play. He likes to play ‘Where’s Keoni?’ and laughs at just about anything! Obviously, he loves to eat and I wonder sometimes if he will ever throw in the towel and get full. It hasn’t happened yet.


In Hawaiian the meaning of the name – Keoni is ‘John’ or the ‘the Chosen One’

Who is he?

Masculine and endowed with a certain magnetism, Keoni emanates an air of strength. He is courageous and assertive, although he is also quite wary. This is undoubtedly related to his shyness and emotional fragility – a real Achilles´ heel which affects his mood and level of enthusiasm. This can occasionally result in outbursts of anger if he does not feel that he has been fully understood. Fiery and passionate, he conceals a sweet gentleness behind a firm, even curt and abrupt demeanor. Nevertheless, Keoni is a friendly, affectionate and likable soul – once he has decided that he trusts somebody. An ambitious young man, he is not indifferent to material comfort. He is particularly efficient and capable of great diplomacy when he feels motivated, whereas in other circumstances he may prove to be lacking in tact. Keoni is confident and self-assured; his energy, celerity and his realistic and practical approach are extremely valuable assets! He remains nonetheless quite an impatient and irritable character, and could also prove to be something of an opportunist – his desire to succeed is that strong. However, at the same time he is rather proud and conceited, loathes flattery and deceit and possesses an acute sense of justice… He could sometimes feel torn between his desires and his principles. Born to be in charge, he is capable of assuming responsibility, as much in the family sphere as in his professional life. As a child, this is a little boy who is very attached to his family who he is ever eager to please and who therefore have a considerable influence on him as. Furthermore, he is a sensible and responsible child from an early age and his parents know that he can be trusted. Conscientious and quite a perfectionist, he is of an above average intelligence which means that he is apt to continue his education as long as he chooses. However, his well-being and development remain heavily dependent on a harmonious effective environment and the karmic 6 could mean that he experiences upheaval in his family environment. In this case, Keoni could react in one of two ways; either he will feel overly implicated and take care of the others, or he will flee his responsibilities completely.

What does he like?

Keoni is anxious to please and seeks peace and harmony above all. A lover of perfection, he is sensitive to beauty, aesthetics and comfort. He could occasionally be indecisive and excessively perfectionist because he has a real eye for detail. When it comes to love, he is passionate and possessive, and capable of ferocious jealousy. Loyal, frank and intense, he has difficulty forgiving disloyalty on the part of his partner.

What does he do?

Several types of occupation are likely to attract his attention; the social and medical fields (doctor, magistrate, judge…), consulting, the financial or business domains (management, accounting…), gastronomy, cuisine, aesthetics, art or real estate…

All 3 boys have hit a plateau as far as weight gain goes. I think all of the crawling, standing and up/down exercises have burned off all of their baby fat reserves. They are down to 4, 8 ounce bottles per day and will usually eat solid food in the morning when they wake up and at night right before bed. I am literally counting the number of bottles I have left to make each night before I can put that routine in my rear view mirror! I think it is safe to say that I have made over 6,000 bottles of formula/breast milk since they were born last year!

We are currently in the final stretch of planning for the boy’s first birthday party. We have over 120 adults and almost 50 kids that plan on attending. Hope to see you there!

It’s hard to believe they will be 1 year old in just 8 short days!

Mahalo E Ke Akua No Keia La (Thank you God for this day!)




2 thoughts on “September 8, 2016 – A year to remember…

  1. Carol Van de Wetering says:

    Oh, Paul. I Loved this post. I love ALL your posts. Elva and I were talking just the other day and she was telling me about each of the boys, individually. They are truly a blessing, and you are a blessing to them. I said, “Can you believe, this doting daddy was the unworried guy who moved out and left his motor cycle by the back fence, seemingly unconcerned about life’s responsibilities?” THIS is the GUY? THIS is the DOTING, ADORING, DEDICATED, and DEVOTED father of THREE beautiful little boys? (Not to mention doting, adoring, dedicated and devoted husband to Rachel) !!! These little ones have brought out the BEST in who you are and will forever change your life, your outlook, your desires, your whole being. Certainly God knew what he was doing when he sent these little ones to you. He knew you and Rachel would be the perfect parents to love, guide, nurture and protect them. He trusted you with three of His choicest spirits. Go forth with joy, Paul and Rachel. Go forth with hope, vision and courage. Go forth with God as your partner as He will never let you down. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it! Wish we could be at the birthday celebration, but unfortunately we will be out of town. Our hearts will be there.
    — Carol and Jan

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