October 26th, 2016 -13 months & counting…

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to post a quick update. We have been getting out a lot more with the boys, that leaves even less time to update the blog!

The boys are doing really well. We don’t have any walkers yet, but we seem to be getting closer. Makani & Keoni can stand unassisted & Kaleo is not too far behind. We are slowly transitioning away from formula. We have been giving a 50/50 blend of formula & whole milk. We are down to 3 bottles per day, given with each meal.

I have been getting fairly creative in the kitchen. Some of the things currently on the menu include banana, blueberry pancakes, banana muffins w/squash, applesauce & cranberries, quesadillas, hamburger curry, beef stew w/potatoes, green beans, carrots & celery, cauliflower cheese bakes, ham cheese & egg muffin bakes and pasta w/homemade meat sauce. The boys like pretty much everything that we give them – EXCEPT Avocado, a BIG disappointment to Rachel… 🙂

All of the boys have a couple of teeth now – Yay! I feel like I jinxed Kaleo, because I photo-shopped an image of him and added teeth for an April Fools prank – he was the last of the boys to get a tooth (they are just starting to come in)!


April Fools!!!

The boys all weigh 24+ lbs.. I think Keoni is 26, maybe 27 by now!

Here are some pictures, just because they’re cute!!!

Mahalo ke Akua – God Bless!


Day at the SF Zoo!


Pacifica – Best Taco Bell in the World!!!


Pumpkin Patch



We took the boys to visit the Giant Costco Bear!!!


Visiting Uncle Rob at the Chilly Billy RCR Run…


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