December 16th, 2016 – 15 months!

Happy Holidays Everybody!

Today’s cover photo is of Weaver’s Winter Wonderland which we took the boys to last weekend. When we arrived, all the boys could say was WOW, WoW, wOw, WOw, WOW, woW, Wow!!! This will be Scott’s final season after 22 years of putting on this fantastic display. 😥


Weaver’s Winter Wonderland


Family photo 🙂

Latest Update: We have 2 Walkers! Keoni has literally followed in Makani’s footsteps & is now walking. He’s not quite as stable as Makani (yet), but he is getting there. Because of this recent development we have had to accelerate our efforts in baby proofing the house version 2!!! They are literally getting in to everything! lol 🙂

Mele Kalikimaka!!!


Here are some recent pictures, just because they are cute!


Because Boys Love Boxes!!!



Kaleo, Makani, Rachel & Keoni in their new chairs!



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