February 16, 2017 – 17 months…

Happy Valentines Day & Greetings from the Meatball Factory!!! 😛


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Have you ever been asked a question by a total stranger that made you want to shake your head in disbelief??? Imagine for a second if it happened to you multiple times on a daily basis – Welcome to our world. 😀 There is nothing that could have prepared us for the numerous questions and stares that we get from total strangers when we are out in public with the boys. From Finger Pointing and counting 1, 2, 3 – 3 – 3, you have 3!!! Some people even try to snap a quick picture of us! (Seriously – WTF? If people would just ask I would at least consider it – but please do not try to take a picture of my family without asking me first!!!) I understand that triplets are rare and that it is human nature to be curious, but Geez Louise!!!

Here are just a few of the random questions that we have been asked while out and about with the boys:

This was a recent question from an older gentleman at a coffee shop –

  • Q. “Wow, how did you guys get them so close together?”
  • A. Well, they are triplets…  Stranger: “OH, that explains everything!” 😦
  • Q. “Are they TWINS?”
  • A. Well, no there are three of them – they are Triplets…
  • Q. “Are they all yours?”
  • A. No, we borrowed them from our neighbor and decided to take them to the zoo for the day. 🙂 Yes, they are ours…
  • Q. “Are they Natural?”
  • A. Ummm, I am not sure what you mean – they were made in Mexico if that is what you are asking? lol 😀

Some of the questions can get really personal:

  • Q. “Did you guys do fertility drugs or do IVF?”
  • A. Are you asking me if I had SEX with my wife or if they started out in a laboratory? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…

I know most people are in awe/disbelief and that they really don’t know what to say to us. Unfortunately most of them feel the need to blurt something out – even if it lacks common sense. Rachel is a lot more patient than I am and she doesn’t mind chatting with people/entertaining their questions. I on the other hand, go straight into “Protector Mode”, I pull my hat down real low, strap on my sunglasses and do my best Clint Eastwood impersonation – “Are you feeling Lucky Punk? ARE YOU???” (lol, not really!)

I am a pretty big guy though – 6′ 3″, 300 lbs. so people usually don’t bother us when I am around. I really wish I had more patience with all the attention we receive – but there are only 24 hours in a day and shit needs to get done before the babies get cranky!!! 🙂


Are you feeling lucky punk? Are you? – Kaleo & Makani!!!

Some of the crazy things we hear on a Daily basis:

  • “You must have your hands full!” Nope, only 3 babies – we have 4 hands!
  • “Bet you didn’t see that one coming!” Actually I did, I am psychic!
  • “I’m so sorry!” Why – Did you fart?
  • “Do you sleep?” Yes – quite well as a matter of fact!
  • “I just couldn’t imagine” – No – probably not…
  • “Better you than me!” Yes – definitely!!!
  • “I would kill myself!” – Ok – please do…
  • “Three at once has to be a lot easier than just 1, at least they can keep each other entertained!” – Durrrr – okay!
  • 2 more than you planned! – Obviously, but I wouldn’t trade them for all of the gold in Fort Knox!

Keoni, Kaleo & Makani shopping at Costco!!!

On the home front, the boys are all doing really well. They are getting more agile and smarter on a daily basis. They are all able to climb on to the couch and each of them has a voracious appetite!!! They literally eat like teenagers…


Out for coffee with – Kaleo, Makani, Keoni & Rachel…

Happy 17 month birthday Kaleo, Makani & Keoni!!!

We hope you & your families are all doing well.

Mahalo ke Akua – God Bless!


5 thoughts on “February 16, 2017 – 17 months…

  1. Carol Van de Wetering says:

    OHMYGOSH, Paul. Seeing you in this picture makes me think maybe you’re Elva’s brother! Hahaha. Kendra’s Hazel is 17 mo. She has a friend having triplets with two little ones 3 & 5 as well. We were saying how hard it would be and that even if she could blog (and get sponsors, which triplets probably wouldn’t qualify for LOL) she could never do it because her husband works for the FBI and they can’t have social media posture. I asked Kendra if she could hampndle 3 little Hazels running around… I don’t think so. I can’t get enough of your little ones. So thrilled when you share. 💕💕💕to you all. No now I hear a new cousin is coming!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there. I’m happy to see you’ve maintained your sense of humor. As the mom of four young adults who used to be little kids, one is now 27 and the other three are 20, (yep, they’re triplets), I know that humor will take you through life just beautifully. Such cute kids you have. I won’t tell you to enjoy every moment as it goes so quickly because I’m sure you’ve heard it many times. And I’m here to say it only gets better and better. You and I know how fortunate we are. Enjoy. BTW I’m Lisa Batten Kunkleman and have twenty years of adventure on my Facebook page if you ever need to see survival photos. I also have my blog, lifestoriesandbeyond.com which includes some parenting adventures and kid stories you might enjoy. I just know a picture is often worth a thousand words. I look forward to following your stories.


    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment and for stopping by to check out my blog! 20 year old triplets – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh my goodness, we are blessed aren’t we???

      I look forward to reading about your adventures in raising triplets, off to check out your blog now – thanks for the link! 🙂

      Take care!


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mrs. H says:

    Nice to see that even in the other side of the Atlantic people are just as ridiculous with their questions! Are they all yours? Are they natural? Followed by an all time favorite “can you tell them apart?” And the one that never fails (in French) “courage….”. For me the worst part is when a grown up loses all manners and stares and points. We’ve learned to embrace the circus that we are when we are out in public but impoliteness gets to me. On the plus side, it’s always good for the ego to get an applause and a “bravo”! (Twice now).

    Liked by 1 person

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