May 16, 2017 – 20 Months & Happy Mother’s Day…

Hello Everyone!

Happy 20 month birthday to Kaleo, Makani & Keoni. 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day!!!

The past couple of weeks we have noticed that the boys are getting more and more attached to certain objects – e.g. pacifiers, lovies (monkey blanket), toys, etc… We had an incident last week where their lovies were in the wash, (unbeknownst to me). Kaleo & Makani were PISSED!!! They screamed and cried for almost an hour (Keoni is our best sleeper & he didn’t care either way). They all have been pretty good about naptime or bedtime, but on this night they were just not having it. Rachel replaced their monkeys with another plush blanket animal but that didn’t work. Finally I had to go upstairs and bring both of them down until their lovies made it out of the dryer. They were elated to be reunited with their monkeys and happily nodded off into dreamland…

We have learned that you should always have a backup of their coveted lovie or whatever they are attached to and rotate it out just for situations like I described. It sounds good in theory, but we all know how Real Life works! lol 🙂


Lovies (Monk, monk!)

Rachel is still in recovery mode. Things are going well, but she can not lift the babies yet and she is having a difficult time sleeping as a result of the pain medication that she has been taking. Hopefully her recovery will continue to progress with time!

It has been difficult to get the boys out of the house on a regular basis. I have been working on toddler proofing our small backyard with some success. We have a slide, sandbox, water table and a couple of garden boxes filled with dirt that they can play in. Getting outside into the backyard usually makes them pretty happy, but I know they miss our family outings on the weekends. 😦


Kaleo, Makani & Keoni

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms!!!


Until next time, Mahalo ke Akua…

February 4, 2016 – Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

Today is Rachel’s 42nd birthday, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!


After work yesterday, I went to the Hallmark store & picked out a smarmy birthday card for Rachel. I wasn’t sure when I would have time to fill it out, but figured I would cross that bridge when I got there!

The best time, would probably be in the morning before Rachel woke up. I get up at 5am everyday, shower and feed the boys as they wake up. Well today was a little different – after my morning shower I went out and got the birthday card from the car. I thought of some heart felt, sentimental things to say & that’s when it hit me! (insert evil laugh here 😀 ) It was only 6am, but if I got the babies up a little early – they could all sign mama’s birthday card too! So I woke the boys up, brought them downstairs & gave them a pen. (I thought it turned out pretty cute!) I didn’t even move their hands or arms, this is all them! 🙂


Tonight my sister & mother-in-law are coming over to watch the boys while we go out to dinner. WoW – 2 date nights in the first 2 months of the year!!! It’s going to be a good year, lol!

I’ll add some date night pictures tomorrow.

I hope everybody has a great day!

Once again, Happy Birthday Rachel!!! I know this isn’t quite what you thought it was going to be like – but “I” think it’s probably BETTER!!!

Love Always,

Paul – Kaleo, Makani & Keoni!!!

Mahalo ke Akua