June 16, 2017 ā€“ 21 Months…

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update this month. Rachel is still recovering from AWR surgery. It is a long recovery and according to her doctors she is making good progress. She had her 8 week follow up appointment on Monday with the surgeon and he recommended light duty for another 2 weeks, e.g. no lifting anything heavier than 10 lbs (i.e. – Kaleo, Makani & Keoni) šŸ˜¦


Happy 21 month birthday boys!!!


Walking home from the pool – Makani, myself, Kaleo, Rachel & Keoni…

Last weekend the boys had a little cold – runny nose, fever & really cranky! Hopefully they are fully recovered in time for the NICU Reunion Party on June 24th at Kaiser Walnut Creek. We have only been back to the hospital once since the boys were transferred to Santa Rosa. It was when our friends Plamen & Cveti welcomed their triplet babies into the world. That visit brought back many fond memories and experiences from when we were there in September of 2015.

Held every other year, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit reunion at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek brings together NICU patients and their families to reunite with many of the nurses and physicians who cared for them during their stay.


1 for each baby…

About 3,500 babies are born each year at Kaiser Permanenteā€™s Walnut Creek Medical Center. Roughly 440 of those spend time in the NICU. The Level III NICU has a team of neonatologists, pediatricians, respiratory therapists, and specially trained nurses who provide care for infants with all types of issues, including premature births, infections, and respiratory distress.

We are looking forward to not only seeing the staff, but we are really excited to catch up with a group of families that we have met through our ‘tight knit’ multiples community who also delivered at Kaiser Walnut Creek.

And finally – a huge Shout Out to the 2017 NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors!!!


What an amazing season!!! DN4L…

Mahalo ke Akua…


Makani boy, representing the Dubs & Raiders!!!


September 9, 2015 – Capturing the moment…

I asked Rachel a couple of weeks ago when we scheduled the C-Section for September 30th in San Francisco – to remind me to take a picture of the sunrise on the way downĀ to the hospital! (It’s not like she will have anything else to worry aboutĀ during the drive!). šŸ˜€


I think it would be a cool keepsake for the boys to have a picture of the sunrise on the day they were born. I have always been a morning person and I know that there is a FINITEĀ number of Sunrises and Sunsets that I will experience in my lifetime. I like to take a moment and cherish each and everyone!

Anyway, whenĀ Rachel first started having contractions last Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea toĀ start capturing the sunrise every morningĀ (see cover photo) until the Scheduled C-Section on September 30th. There’s no telling when these boys will decide that they are readyĀ to see the sunrise for themselves. šŸ™‚

Rachel was having contractions when I got home from work last night. They weren’t painful, they were just consistent. She called Kaiser around 8pm and told them she was having 6+ contractions per hour since 6pm. They told her to try to rest and not do anything strenuous! Um, right – she has been on that plan for the last 2 months! šŸ™‚ Anyway, around 9pm she assured me that everything was all right, so I went to bed (I am an early riser, remember?) IĀ told her to let me know if she needs me – for ANY REASON! At around 1:30am I woke up and heard some sounds coming from downstairs. It sounded like Rachel was in pain, so I asked her if she was ok. Rachel is pretty low maintenance and doesn’t complain a lot, so of courseĀ she replied “No, I’m all right”. Being persistent, I got her to come clean and sheĀ said that she had been having regular contractions since I went to bed. Off we went for another visit to Kaiser L&D in Santa Rosa.

They took Rachel’s BP & had her submit a urine sample. They hooked her up to the baby monitors again – Same routine as last week. They told usĀ that if the contractions didn’t start to dissipate and go away, they would need toĀ consider sending her to Kaiser San Francisco. Fortunately they started to lessen around 4am. The doctor said that just by looking at her urine sample – she looked dehydrated. Rachel has been very religious about drinking A LOT of water. She probably drinks between 3,500 – 4,000ml of water a day (4 to 5 camelbak bottles full of H20). Yesterday was 100+ degrees, so I am sure that contributed to her dehydrated state.

The doctor asked if Rachel was in pain or having any trouble sleeping – “YES” to both!Ā She asked if RachelĀ had tried Benadryl (nope, it didn’t work) or Ambien. Rachel tried taking Unisom, but I don’t think that really worked either. Anyway, she prescribed some Ambien to help her sleep and some Norco for pain relief. Hopefully these will help lessen her discomfort and allow her to get some rest…

The doctor’s final words to Rachel was to try and get some rest & ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS!!!

(Kaiser Labor & Delivery)


For now, I will continue to take a sunrise picture every day and capture the moment!!! šŸ˜€

Ke Akua Hoā€™omaikaā€™i ā€“ God Blessā€¦